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Because I can obviously never have too many writing projects in the works DAMMIT BRAIN, I now have a werewolf!Roxas knocking about in my head.

I guess I should mention that I'm a sucker for werewolves. IDK why, really, I just always have been. There's something alluring about them to me, though I don't know what or why exactly. *shrug*

Anyway, werewolf!Roxas is slotting himself into a new AU. It's a supernatural/school AU where Roxas is Sora's cousin. He was hanging out with the "wrong kind of people" back home (this turns out to be his old pack) and sent to live with Sora and family to get him away from the bad influences in his life. When he starts school, Sora introduces him to his bff, Riku, who turns out to be a vampire. Sora is of course completely oblivious to this, and is himself 100% human, as is his twin brother, Vanitas.

Roxas and Riku have a rocky relationship since their species are mortal enemies, but over time they begin to get along a bit and then develop rather confusing feelings for each other. At which point Axel and Demyx enter the story. Axel and Dem are hunters, assigned to keep track of the non-humans and keep them under wraps in that particular town. I'm also tentatively thinking about making one of them a non-human, but something different from a wolf or vamp. Having the hunters around cements Roxy and Riku's relationship as they begin to kind of watch each others' backs.

And at some point Roxas' brother, Ven, comes along too since they're also twins and don't like being apart. Roxas' family also consists of an older brother, Cloud, and little sister, Namine.

So... yep. Still working on it, but it'll be my third Kingdom Hearts AU, not counting Bataille!verse: zombie!verse, kitsune!verse and now immortals!verse. Haha. XD;;

EDIT: New AU is titled "Blacklight"! :D

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Today someone reviewed Outlander over at FF.Net and asked if I was still working on it, or if it was an abandoned fic. Granted, I haven't updated that particular fic in a couple of months, but the question still kind of caught me off-guard. I keep forgetting that not everyone is aware of how crazy my Nov/Dec were this past year.

In regards to update schedules, though, I really should try to set one up. It might help me keep my stories more organized. The problem is that my creative center is really... random. Really random. This is why one-shots routinely pop out of nowhere in between updates of my chaptered projects. It's also the reason why some fics wait months between updates and some might update a bunch of times in the span of a couple weeks.

In any case, an update schedule probably wouldn't work right now anyway, considering the number of chaptered fics I'm in the middle of writing. I mean, I'm up to about 20 current projects right now over at FF.Net alone. This isn't counting any of my original works-- and trust me, there are a lot of those.

Haha. I'd have to schedule things monthly rather than weekly like everyone else...

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Sooooo... I had a request over at FF.Net. It's the first request I've gotten in a long time. Back when I was actively writing and posting there before I used to get requests, but because I always had so much going with my own ideas, I used to only take requests from my good friends and only for their birthdays, and it just worked out that they were always Heralds of Valdemar fics (Reality, Sightless, etc.)

This new request is from someone I don't know, and it's for a Sailormoon Stars fic, After a couple days of contemplation, I finally decided to accept the request. I haven't written anything from the SM fandom (outside of ND drabbles) in years, but I think I can manage it. It's just a one-shot, after all.

The problem is that it's a Yaten/Usagi fic. XD;;

Canonically, I only ship Seiya/Usagi and Yaten/Minako. Outside of SM canon, I of course ship Seiya/Yaten because of all the Nagareboshi Destiny madness. So writing a Yaten/Usagi fic is going to be a real challenge. But it's good to stretch out your proverbial creative muscles every once in a while, right?

And if I can get through a SM one-shot, then maybe I'll be re-inspired to work on Walk A Mile or Dance In The Shadows! That would be nice, too, as I still get reviews asking if/when I'm going to work on them again. >__>;;

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I've been reading The Finest Creation by Jean Rabe. Here is what the back of the book says: "They were the Finest Creations-- mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically, and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and then protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue."

Anyone who has read any of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books and/or knows me will see right away what drew me to The Finest Creation (as well as its' sequels.)

At first I very much expected it to be a ripoff of Valdemar, but as I've been reading it had turned out very differently. The writing style is dramatically different, for one thing, but aside from that, despite the writeup I shared above, there are very few similarities between the two. In short "telepathic horses" is about it. Everything else about the Finest and their relationship with their assigned humans is completely different from Companions and their Chosen in Mercedes Lackey's books. This has been a very pleasant surprise for me, as well as something that's poking at the recesses of my brain.

Basically, I'm already tentatively planning a fic. I have no idea what it will be about yet, as I'd like to finish the books before I get too far into planning (so I don't mess up the canon), but I do know that the two Finest in it will be called Faithful-Mare and Dauntless-Stallion. (In The Finest Creation, the main Finest character is called Gallant-Stallion, and his mentor is Steadfast-Stallion. That seems to be the naming scheme for them, so I'm keeping with it. Their charges do tend to give them other names, though: Gallant is also called "Rue" and Steadfast is called "Nightsong". I'll be thinking of human-given names for my own Finest as well; I'm considering naming Faithful "Lily", or maybe "Belle", but I'm not sure about Dauntless.) Faithful is a small, slim chestnut horse with a white blaze on her nose and three white socks. Dauntless is a black-and-white paint with one brown eye and one blue.

Faithful and Dauntless will be working together as a team of Finest, each with their own charge. As with other Finest, they work in secret, so their humans don't know what they really are, but this is the first time that two Finest have been paired up to work entirely together, as their charges are twin brothers and are always together. I still have to name them and everything. *shrug*

So basically... more magical talking horses! YAY! :D

EDIT: Faithful's human-given name shall be "Silk"! ♥

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So, having been so active in the Valdemar and FIM fandoms lately, I've ended up with about a billion new OC characters. What else is new? >___>;;

As a result, I've started a new OC character concordance for my Valdemar characters. I had a huge long one created years back, but I lost it when geocities went belly up, so on top of the new OCs, I'm having to redo all the entries for the older ones, too. It's quite the undertaking, haha! But it's actually kind of fun. It's getting me to go back and revisit some of my old fics and characters again (hence me posting all those one-shots the other day lol. ;P

I also plan to do one for my FIM OCs, and then once those two are finished (or at least mostly finished), then I'm going to get started on one for my characters from original projects. Of all my concordance projects, my original project one(s) will be the crazy one. I have about a billion original project characters. Hopefully I'll be able to remember them all. XD; If not, I'm totally more screwed than I ever thought I was.

Anyway, so look for the beginning of the concordance stuff relatively soon!

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So the NaNo this year got kyboshed. I had intended to get writing on Garden of Shadows, but unfortunately... it turns out I'm moving at the end of the month, so rather than working on the NaNo, I get to pack frantically. Ah well. That's life, I guess. :P

The good news is that I have still been working on a bunch of fanfiction stuff, which I will totally be posting here. Tons of Valdemar fics and a few bits of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as well as (I hope) the beginning of my Supernatural fic and one of my Kingdom Hearts projects.

I really am going crazy with Valdemar lately, though. SO MUCH WRITING. \o/

Now, the other thing is that in about five days my Internet will be shut off, since I'm behind on my bill with Rogers. This means that I won't be able to really post much of anything anywhere until I can get caught up with payments. There are cafés around with free wifi, tough, so I might just pop into one of them every day or two to check my email and post to FB/here/FF.Net/etc. We'll see. ^^;

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Well, the NaNo is coming up fast, isn't I?

The last few years I haven't even bothered to try it, but I think this year I'm going to give it a shot. That said, I've got to do all the planning over the next couple of weeks. I do have the basics figured out, though, and a title, so I'm already heading in the right direction, right? Haha.

So, I'll be posting some info on Garden Of Shadows in the next couple of days, once I have a bit more decided on it. ♥

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I downloaded Red's "Until We Have Faces" album a few days back. This was a big mistake. XD;;

Pretty much every song in the album inspired a songfic in my mind. >>; By the time I was finished listening to it all the way through I had a whole set of fics, which will actually work out alright since I had a set of characters who've been knocking around in my head for a while that I wanted to work with anyway. Haha.

So a while back I started up Silver And Sapphire, which was a Valdemar RPG based on LJ. I worked my butt off on getting it set up, and then when I opened it up for apps... I got a grand total of one. (♥ for Sethi on that one! lol.)

Basically, other than that one app, I had five of my own characters worked out for it (Magic, Piper, Rift, Metty Cox and of course my own personal Grove Born Stallion, Gwydion.) I really, really liked these characters, so I wanted to use them for something outside of the flop of an RP.

I managed to notch Rift into Outlander, but the others (other than Gwydion) were proving to be a little more difficult. Then Red came along! 8D And now I have a set of four songfics (+ one other that's tentatively set to a Cher song) introducing Magic, Piper and Metty as well as a few others: Magic's Chosen, Singe Wells; Piper's Chosen, Kylla Tucker; Gwydion's (current) Chosen, Metty Cox, as well as Ripa and his Chosen, Shiloa Kendrick.)

Currently I'm about halfway through writing Ripa's Hymn, introducing Ripa and Shiloa. They're the ones who have the second fic that's (tentatively) set to a Cher song, which will be titled Shiloa's Song.

Then the other one that I've started working on is titled Landslide, and is the one introducing Magic and Singe. I vaguely intend for Magic and Singe to be the main characters in this core group of friends, but who knows what'll end up happening, considering how my brain works, right? Heh.


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So both Fallout and Starless were rejected by EQD. The rejection email for Fallout said very little about why beyond just a point-form list of problems, but the one for Starless was very helpful with concrit. There were some points that I didn't agree with the beta reader on, but I suppose I appreciated his/her effort nonetheless.

One thing that the reviewer for Fallout said was that I should change my title, as it could be confused for another (popular) fic series of the same name. =/ While I am aware of the Fallout: Equestria thing, I have never read it, and when I began writing my own fic with the similar title I didn't even know it existed yet. While I understand the reviewer's concern in that regard... I've already committed to the title Fallout for my fic, and I don't really want to change it.

Then again, the duplicate title might be why I haven't gotten many readers yet, if people are looking at it and going "oh, a F:E ripoff. I'm not going to waste my time." then it might be prudent of me to consider changing the title.

idk, I just can't decide. ~_~;;

Anyway, all of this means neither of my currently running FIM fics are going to be posted at EQD at the moment, which also means that they will likely continue to be largely ignored by readers/the fandom in general. That sucks, but there's not much I can do about it besides keep trying. ^^;

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Aaaand not even halfway through January and I've already broken my New Year's Resolution. Though, to be fair, my whole family has been in a bit of a tizzy over my sis and her new baby the last couple weeks, and it's not only my writing that's gone by the wayside in the chaos. ^^;

Besides, even though I haven't posted in a few days, I have been tinkering with some writing off-and-on (in particular a smutty-ish RenoxRoxas rpfic drabble that won't leave me alone), just not actually posting anything. I will admit there have been a couple days this last week that I just haven't had the energy to write, though. Still, I'm trying, right? Haha.

Now the last few days I've been occupying myself with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom stuff and thinking I kind of want to do something in it myself. I'm leaning toward a short manga, which would mean writing and scripting something out and then drawing it. I also can't decide if I want to do it in canon!FIMverse, or if I want to do human!FIM characters instead. Anthropomorphized ponies, maybe? (Though idk, apparently fandom in general views MLP pony-girls as creepy or something?)

The other thing that's nagging at me is the idea of writing something within the Skin Deep universe. Skin Deep is an online comic that I follow pretty much religiously. I find it a very unique and interesting concept. It's very well-written with engaging characters and great artwork. It's one of my favorites of all the comics I follow. ♥

A little while back, I bought a medallion from the Skin Deep store. It took me forever to choose which one I wanted, but I eventually settled on the Nemian Lion one (my other options were Maned Gryphon, Nixie, White Stag, Bug Bear & Grecian Sphinx) which I made into a necklace once it arrived in the mail.

Ever since my medallion got here, though, I've had the urge to do something in the Skin Deep canon. I think probably with OC characters, most likely, though the idea of writing with Jim is also tempting just based on the fact that I'm 110% sure his voice would be hilarious to do. XD;

Ahh, but I dunno. I haven't decided anything for sure with either of these new-ish fandoms. Though it is a good thing that my brain is starting to expand past the handful of series fandoms that I've been in pretty much exclusively for the past however-long... right? =D;;


EDIT #2: In case all the blatant linking didn't make it obvious, GO READ SKIN DEEP ALREADY. ♥

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So, my New Year's Resolution this year was to write something every day. Not necessarily a whole story, but something; a scene, a drabble, whatever. I've been unable to write much the last few years because my various meds (mostly my bi-polar ones), as they've changed my personality quite a bit and made it nearly impossible to focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes at a time.

It sucks, but what can I do, right? I have to take the meds, as they keep me stable. Not having the attention span for some things is just something I have to put up with in exchange for not feeling suicidal a good 90% of the time. >>;; Basically, MEDS = GOOD THING.

Anyway, I've really missed writing. I used to write every single day, lots of different things. Part of the reason I set up Beautiful Silence in the first place was to help me organize my thoughts some and (hopefully) keep me motivated to try actually writing some things out.

And it's actually worked relatively well. Musing over things here has kept the cogs in my brain turning decently and I've managed to actually scribble out a few things here and there. So the whole Beautiful Silence thing has definitely been worth while. ^^~

But anyway! In the spirit of writing every day, here's another new N.D. drabble! Again, toying with one of the new generation Starlights. ♥

Angeline named him 'Diodore' and that was where the trouble began. )

I'm actually liking Angeline more and more all the time.

Angeline is the only Starlight that isn't originally from Kinmokusei, which makes her unique among the Nagareboshi. She comes from Earth, specifically Beauvais (Oise department) in France; an agricultural town about 80 km north of Paris. Beauvais has a very interesting historical center known for it's astronomical clock and tapestry production.

While Angeline hails from Beauvais she was originally born in Paris. She's an orphan, stereotypically left in a basket on the doorstep of an orphanage when she was a baby. (While she has a general idea of how old she is, Angeline doesn't know when her exact birthday falls.) She spent a few months in the Paris orphanage, but they were overcrowded, so she and a handful of other children were moved to the nearby town of Beauvais. (Angeline was still an infant, so she doesn't remember her time in Paris at all.)

In Beauvais she had a relatively normal childhood, living in the orphanage there until she was about fourteen years old. She had friends both within the orphanage and outside it, but there weren't really any prospects for people to adopt her. Angeline took that in stride, though of course wished someone who wanted her would come along.

This wish was granted when Kozue and Ayame arrived. They were taking a vacation on Earth, and met Angeline while there. They got to know her and decided they would take her back to Kinmokusei with them when they returned. This was how Angeline made it to Kinmoku. There are some details I'm not 100% clear on, like how she was chosen to be Sailor Star Lover, but I can work on those kind of things as I think of them.

On Kinmoku, Angeline found herself not only with a family, but a large extended family. She was also away from the only home she had ever known, not just a different city, but a new planet. On top of that, she only had half a grasp on the language. This was all, as you can imagine, a lot to take in all at once.

Angeline attempted to settle into her new life, but was finding it hard for many reasons. Being chosen to be a Starlight was just one more thing in a huge pile of HOLYCRAPNEW that landed in her lap. Thankfully, she was introduced to Hiroki, who would be her Nagareboshi partner, as well as Hiroki's current roommate, Charmer. Shortly after she moved to live with them, as is custom with Starlight teams.

She was also introduced to Vesta, a cat from Mau; usually Starlights aren't given guardians (it's only happened one other time in the history of Kinmoku), but given the uniqueness of Angeline's situation it was deemed that she would probably benefit from a guardian to help her out. The first thing Vesta did was connect to her psychically, at which point she was able to reach the language part of Angeline's mind and instantaneously teach her the language of Kinmokusei.

Knowing the language helps immensely, though she still slips into her native French from time to time. ♥

Now Angeline is "sisters" with Vesta, extremely close with Hiroki and good friends with Charmer. She is also getting to be good friends with the other younger Nagareboshi team (Ayu/Neo-Hunter, Shizuki/Dazzler & Yuuhi/Neo-Singer). The time she's spending getting to know them has increased exponentially since the outbreak, since classes and lessons are often cancelled lately.

Angeline is having a very hard time with the plague, including having nightmares nearly every night. Her friends are very worried about her, and take turns comforting her when it happens. Vesta, Ayu and Shizuki are better at this than the others, though Hiroki, Charmer and Yuuhi are learning.

She is also very dependent on her kitten, Diodore, whose hijinks help to keep her mind off of things (at least when she's awake, anyway.) She finds watching Dio attempt to play with Vesta to be amusing and quite entertaining; Dio can usually make her laugh, even if it's just a bit, no matter how down she's feeling.

NOTE: Haha, Vesta and Diodore are based on two of my own cats. Vesta is literally exactly the same as my Vesta, at least physically. Diodore is physically (and personality-wise, mostly) a match for my cat, Nio, though I switched his name since Angeline would have given him a French one. His name is often shortened to "Dio", though, which is so similar to Nio's that it might as well be the same. Haha. ♥

EDIT: Random Ezno icon since I don't really have any that match this entry. Hmm. I need more N.D. icons... =/

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I've started working on a new Valdemar one-shot fic. It's actually one that I've had milling about in the back of my head for years, and I'm just now finally getting around to tinkering with it. When the idea first struck me years back, I actually intended for it to be a chaptered fic, but when I started writing a few days ago it became very evident that it would work out better as a series of one-shots instead.

The one I'm writing right now is called In The Forest and is, of course, the beginning of the entire set of stories. There may or may not be any number of follow-up short fics, or possibly a chaptered fic after all. I'm not entirely sure, and I figure I can decide on that later once I have In The Forest finished and posted. I'm hoping to get some feedback before I make up my mind where to take things next, if anywhere at all.

Anyway, working on this fic has established a pair of Companions that I'm finding myself very fond of already; I think I like Sarie and Kitean more than I have any of my Companions recently. They're siblings, and I think it's the dynamics of their relationship that make me like them so much. They just really amuse me, Kitean being kind of a girl about some things (in particular; insects) even though he's a stallion, and Sarie loving nothing more than to tease her brother about it when he has "OMG BUGS NUUUU GETTHEMOFFME!!" fits. Haha. XD;

Maybe when I get it finished I'll ask one of my Valdemar friends to give it a read-over and tell me what they think. I really like how it's coming along. It's been so long since I've done much writing, though, so I'm kind of worried that, even though I like it, it might not be... up to par with my previous writing? I dunno. I'm very unsure right now. =/

As well as ITF, I'm also working on the first chapter of Outlander (I need to hurry the hell up, there are apparently a few people really looking forward to more of it. ^^;) as well as a new chapter of Marionette, which is one of my personal favourites, even though I haven't worked on it in a long time.

I think Marionette represented a real change in my writing style. It was about then that I started really working on improving my writing, and it really shows in that fic. On top of that, Auralee's story was one that I had thought out beginning to end, unlike most of my other fanfiction.

I really tend to just start writing without any forethought or real planning when it comes to my fan works. There are very few that aren't kind of spur-of-the-moments, at least at first. With most chaptered fics, once I got the first prologue/chapter out I did generally take the time to figure out at least the basic plot points for the rest of the story. Ironically, when I'm doing original writing, I can work on background, religion, storyline, characters and etc. literally for YEARS before I finally get around to writing something. >>;;


♥ Vanima Din ♥

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