Feb. 1st, 2013

vanimadin: (3D Riku)
Because I can obviously never have too many writing projects in the works DAMMIT BRAIN, I now have a werewolf!Roxas knocking about in my head.

I guess I should mention that I'm a sucker for werewolves. IDK why, really, I just always have been. There's something alluring about them to me, though I don't know what or why exactly. *shrug*

Anyway, werewolf!Roxas is slotting himself into a new AU. It's a supernatural/school AU where Roxas is Sora's cousin. He was hanging out with the "wrong kind of people" back home (this turns out to be his old pack) and sent to live with Sora and family to get him away from the bad influences in his life. When he starts school, Sora introduces him to his bff, Riku, who turns out to be a vampire. Sora is of course completely oblivious to this, and is himself 100% human, as is his twin brother, Vanitas.

Roxas and Riku have a rocky relationship since their species are mortal enemies, but over time they begin to get along a bit and then develop rather confusing feelings for each other. At which point Axel and Demyx enter the story. Axel and Dem are hunters, assigned to keep track of the non-humans and keep them under wraps in that particular town. I'm also tentatively thinking about making one of them a non-human, but something different from a wolf or vamp. Having the hunters around cements Roxy and Riku's relationship as they begin to kind of watch each others' backs.

And at some point Roxas' brother, Ven, comes along too since they're also twins and don't like being apart. Roxas' family also consists of an older brother, Cloud, and little sister, Namine.

So... yep. Still working on it, but it'll be my third Kingdom Hearts AU, not counting Bataille!verse: zombie!verse, kitsune!verse and now immortals!verse. Haha. XD;;

EDIT: New AU is titled "Blacklight"! :D


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