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I'm kind of trying to visualize the relationship between Angeline and Ushio right now.

Angeline was adopted by Kozue and Ayame during a visit to Earth, but it was a very short time after they all returned to Kinmokusei that Ayame ended up pregnant with Ushio. So it was only a little over a year after moving to Kinmoku that Angeline welcomed her new sister.

She didn't want to think it, didn't want to believe it, but a nagging voice in the back of her mind whispered 'what if.' )

Haha, Kozue calls Angeline "Tenshi" as a nickname, since the beginning part of her name is "Angel."

Anyway, Angeline and Ushio have a very close relationship, even though they aren't blood-sisters. They're probably closer than most siblings are, possibly because they're from such different backgrounds, but have very similar personalities. Angeline looked after Ushio as she grew up, and then when Ushio got older they basically ended up as very good friends.

They hardly ever fight, though they do have the occasional argument. With the Plague and Angeline's Starlight training, Ushio doesn't get to spend as much time with her as before, and they both miss it, but there's not much they can do about it.

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I'm working on a new character that I want to introduce to N.D. with the whole zombie thing; short version is that a new Singer Starlight was called not so long ago (Yuuhi), and in the end it's going to be decided that to put an end to the plague they need to call a new Silencer as well.

The problem is that the Silencer Star is the most powerful of all the Kinmokuseian Stars, and it's energy corrupts. The original Silencer from thousands of years ago, Amaya, was driven insane by it, and in the end her partner, Seiko, the first Star Singer, had to destroy her or risk every life in the Kinmokusei solar system.

After that, both the Singer and Silencer Stars were cast into darkness. It took thousands of years before it was decided to call another Singer, and calling another Silencer simply wasn't an option-- because Silencer is still just as powerful, just as corrupting, and whoever was chosen to be linked to it would likely lose their mind the same as Amaya did.

But, for various reasons, it comes down to calling Silencer (and Slayer/Shia, who has also been dark for a long time) to reclaim Kinmoku from the plague.

This is where Yoake enters the picture. At first I had just a tentative idea of what she looks like (red-orange hair with purple eyes, like the dawn ♥), but I sat down and wrote a scene with her in it so now I've got most of her origin and personality worked out as well. (Though she will grow and change over time, of course.)

Yoake is highborn and a child prodigy, and at 12 years old she was the youngest Starlight ever chosen. She's been extremely affected by the whole plague, as well as from the effects of Silencer, and as a result she never speaks. In my head she's ended up friends with Rui and Josei's daughter, Momoko, as well as Kozue and Ayame's daughter, Ushio. The three of them are also close with Itsuki, who is a civilian from the Capital. Momo, Ushio and Itsuki sort of take care of Yoake, since she's so fragile; Itsuki more than the other two.

Anyway, drabble time~

Yoake had always been considered a child prodigy. )

Throughout her training, Yoake will obviously have to deal with Silencer's influence on her mind as well as everything else. Once the Plague is taken care of, the next thing will be Yoake's descent into madness; a slippery slope that she just has trouble clambering up from, the same as Amaya did before her. If she ends up losing her mind, the only one who can finish things and destroy her is Yuuhi/Singer, since their powers are two sides to the same coin.

Before that, though, Momo, Ushio and Itsuki will try everything they can to help her and bring her back from the darkness.

I think eventually, Yoake will have to be disconnected from Silencer, her power taken from her. Learning to live without her Star is simply a better option than losing her life, though of course it has it's own hardships. Either way she'll have a lot of healing to do.

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So, my New Year's Resolution this year was to write something every day. Not necessarily a whole story, but something; a scene, a drabble, whatever. I've been unable to write much the last few years because my various meds (mostly my bi-polar ones), as they've changed my personality quite a bit and made it nearly impossible to focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes at a time.

It sucks, but what can I do, right? I have to take the meds, as they keep me stable. Not having the attention span for some things is just something I have to put up with in exchange for not feeling suicidal a good 90% of the time. >>;; Basically, MEDS = GOOD THING.

Anyway, I've really missed writing. I used to write every single day, lots of different things. Part of the reason I set up Beautiful Silence in the first place was to help me organize my thoughts some and (hopefully) keep me motivated to try actually writing some things out.

And it's actually worked relatively well. Musing over things here has kept the cogs in my brain turning decently and I've managed to actually scribble out a few things here and there. So the whole Beautiful Silence thing has definitely been worth while. ^^~

But anyway! In the spirit of writing every day, here's another new N.D. drabble! Again, toying with one of the new generation Starlights. ♥

Angeline named him 'Diodore' and that was where the trouble began. )

I'm actually liking Angeline more and more all the time.

Angeline is the only Starlight that isn't originally from Kinmokusei, which makes her unique among the Nagareboshi. She comes from Earth, specifically Beauvais (Oise department) in France; an agricultural town about 80 km north of Paris. Beauvais has a very interesting historical center known for it's astronomical clock and tapestry production.

While Angeline hails from Beauvais she was originally born in Paris. She's an orphan, stereotypically left in a basket on the doorstep of an orphanage when she was a baby. (While she has a general idea of how old she is, Angeline doesn't know when her exact birthday falls.) She spent a few months in the Paris orphanage, but they were overcrowded, so she and a handful of other children were moved to the nearby town of Beauvais. (Angeline was still an infant, so she doesn't remember her time in Paris at all.)

In Beauvais she had a relatively normal childhood, living in the orphanage there until she was about fourteen years old. She had friends both within the orphanage and outside it, but there weren't really any prospects for people to adopt her. Angeline took that in stride, though of course wished someone who wanted her would come along.

This wish was granted when Kozue and Ayame arrived. They were taking a vacation on Earth, and met Angeline while there. They got to know her and decided they would take her back to Kinmokusei with them when they returned. This was how Angeline made it to Kinmoku. There are some details I'm not 100% clear on, like how she was chosen to be Sailor Star Lover, but I can work on those kind of things as I think of them.

On Kinmoku, Angeline found herself not only with a family, but a large extended family. She was also away from the only home she had ever known, not just a different city, but a new planet. On top of that, she only had half a grasp on the language. This was all, as you can imagine, a lot to take in all at once.

Angeline attempted to settle into her new life, but was finding it hard for many reasons. Being chosen to be a Starlight was just one more thing in a huge pile of HOLYCRAPNEW that landed in her lap. Thankfully, she was introduced to Hiroki, who would be her Nagareboshi partner, as well as Hiroki's current roommate, Charmer. Shortly after she moved to live with them, as is custom with Starlight teams.

She was also introduced to Vesta, a cat from Mau; usually Starlights aren't given guardians (it's only happened one other time in the history of Kinmoku), but given the uniqueness of Angeline's situation it was deemed that she would probably benefit from a guardian to help her out. The first thing Vesta did was connect to her psychically, at which point she was able to reach the language part of Angeline's mind and instantaneously teach her the language of Kinmokusei.

Knowing the language helps immensely, though she still slips into her native French from time to time. ♥

Now Angeline is "sisters" with Vesta, extremely close with Hiroki and good friends with Charmer. She is also getting to be good friends with the other younger Nagareboshi team (Ayu/Neo-Hunter, Shizuki/Dazzler & Yuuhi/Neo-Singer). The time she's spending getting to know them has increased exponentially since the outbreak, since classes and lessons are often cancelled lately.

Angeline is having a very hard time with the plague, including having nightmares nearly every night. Her friends are very worried about her, and take turns comforting her when it happens. Vesta, Ayu and Shizuki are better at this than the others, though Hiroki, Charmer and Yuuhi are learning.

She is also very dependent on her kitten, Diodore, whose hijinks help to keep her mind off of things (at least when she's awake, anyway.) She finds watching Dio attempt to play with Vesta to be amusing and quite entertaining; Dio can usually make her laugh, even if it's just a bit, no matter how down she's feeling.

NOTE: Haha, Vesta and Diodore are based on two of my own cats. Vesta is literally exactly the same as my Vesta, at least physically. Diodore is physically (and personality-wise, mostly) a match for my cat, Nio, though I switched his name since Angeline would have given him a French one. His name is often shortened to "Dio", though, which is so similar to Nio's that it might as well be the same. Haha. ♥

EDIT: Random Ezno icon since I don't really have any that match this entry. Hmm. I need more N.D. icons... =/

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Hey look, an actual new N.D. scene! I told you I was planning on getting back into the N.D. universe again! =3

I also want to work on some drabbles with the set of OC Furuba Jyuunishi that Cassandra-san and I created way back when. But we didn't get too far into that back then so I need to find the notes I scribbled down for it so I remember all the names and character personalities. As it is, all I can remember are Tasuku (rat), Hana (bird/rooster), Natsume (rabbit), Nyoka (snake), Arima (cat) and Ron (bull.) I also vaguely recall that their "God"'s name began with a T. Hmm. Not much to go on. :|

Anyway, on to the drabble!

Sometimes being one of Kakyuu-ouhi's Starlights wasn't all it was cracked up to be. )

Working with the youngest generation of Starlights a little. They came into being very shortly before life sucked Cassandra-san and I up and dragged us away from our beloved Nagareboshi Destiny (kicking and screaming; we didn't go quietly.)

I'm rather fond of Ayu, though I'm not entirely sure why. Part of it is because he insists on being in his male form 90% of the time even though he's so tiny and thin and girly looking. His excuse is that it's more comfortable for him, though he really couldn't say why. It's almost as if he's transgendered, but that's not really it either, since he was perfectly fine with being a girl before being chosen to be Neo-Hunter. Maybe he just doesn't want to put up with the monthly bleeding anymore? lol.

Up until today I hadn't really thought out Ayu's background much. Now, I'm sure more details will come to light as time goes by but I've given him a younger sister, Monami. Monami is two years younger than Ayu and goes to a private boarding school, paid for by an insurance policy. Ayu attended the same academy until being chosen as a Starlight.

When Ayu was almost three years old and Monami was still a baby their father left, so they never really knew him. They lived happily with their mother until not too long ago when she was killed in a work-related accident (details to come later if/when I figure them out), at which point they went to live with their maternal grandparents.

Everything settled down again then and life continued on as per normal until Ayu was scooped up by Hikaru to be Neo-Hunter. She left the boarding school to attend classes at the Palace and train, at which point she learned how to switch to her male form and decided to stick with it. In his spare time he picked up a job at The Rose Light as one of the resident bishounen, though in his case it's more of a MOE thing than anything else.

Then, about a year after moving to the Capital, the plague broke out. Ayu and Monami's grandparents were killed when the virus swept their city. Monami was still away at school at the time, but since then Ayu hasn't heard from her and is starting to think that her sister is dead as well.

Writing Ayu as pensive, pessimistic, sad, quiet and worried is a little strange for me because it clashes with the character image I have in my head. Ayu is a cheerful, perky, happy person. He's always laughing and joking around. Then again, Shizuki is much the same way and her attitude is a lot more low-key right now too.

I guess a borderline Zombie Apocalypse landing on your doorstep will do that to you. Haha.

EDIT: You know, I never would have thought I'd be using this icon in conjunction with N.D. XD;;

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Another old Nagareboshi Destiny scene. I'm actually writing a few new ones right now, so maybe I'll post them later. ♥

Dekiru had threatened his life. Kaida hadn't been surprised by that. )

While I love all of the characters from N.D., I have a special place in my heart for Kaida, simply because he's so very different from all the other characters that inhabit the N.D. universe. He's quiet, reserved and almost stoic, but still manages to be warm, friendly and comforting in his own way. (Actually, Hiroki from the newest generation of Starlights has a few similarities to Kaida, though.)

His relationship with Arashi is really sweet, too. Downplayed and kind of traditional. (Kaida even went to Arashi's parents to declare his intentions to propose to her, as evidenced by the above scene!) They aren't nearly as attention-grabbing as a lot of the others, which really suits them perfectly.

When I first created Kaida (and Shii), I hadn't really intended on pairing him up with anyone. I figured he would probably be single forever because of his quirks, but somehow Arashi just kind of fit together with him like pieces in a puzzle. She even has a soft spot for Shii, lol. And if she hadn't, that would have certainly been a deal-breaker! Like a "Love me, love my chameleon!" type of thing. Haha! XD


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Another N.D. drabble! Yay! Man, reading through all of these lately has made me really nostalgic. And has got my N.D. characters all stirring in the recesses of my mind, too. I'll probably end up getting back into it again, which would be nice. I miss the Kinmokusei universe headcanon that Cassandra-san and I have.

Plus writing some scenes again will help get my muses off their butts and working properly again. I mean, they're actually doing a bit lately, but I want to try to get into the swing of writing like I used to, and I'm nowhere near that yet.


Remind me again why I agreed to marry you? )

Aw, Hikaru and Taiga. They always make me smile. ♥

lmao it's been so long that I honestly don't remember what the inside joke was with the bells. Had something to do with Josei and the wedding, I think? But I could be wrong. I fail at memory stuff, I guess? xD;;

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So the last day-and-a-bit I've been going through the N.D. scenes that I have archived in my personal LJ. My intent is to archive them here as well, as BS is much more organized and so it would be easier to find specific drabbles when I was looking for them. But considering there are upwards of 200 archived in my other journal, this will take... a while. A long while. >.>;;

But at least I'm starting, right? Even if it'll take a long time, I'm determined to see it though. I also plan to write more in the ND-verse, as I'm still very, very fond of everything Cassandra-san and I have created there. ♥

Anyway, last night whilst looking through the reams of scenes I came across this one with Saya and Hansa. We didn't do a ton with the two of them, since that generation we focused so much on Tetsuya, Kenta and Hiro, but this drabble made me remember how much I loved them together. :3

He was focused on the maroon-haired girl who was currently playing defense for her school's soccer team. )

Aw, they fit so well, don't they? Even though they're so completely different. Saya is always all 8D over stuff, and Hansa is so much more reserved. He kind of inherited part of Hide's personality there. That and the motorbike thing. Haha.

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Here's the beginning of my N.D. drabbles. I've written tons of them, but this is the only recent one. It features Josei and Rui. I'm leaving this unlocked since even though N.D. is mostly original characters and expanded concepts, the whole storyline and everything takes place in Takeuchi Naoko's Sailormoon Stars universe.

I really love Rui and Josei's relationship. It kind of just came out of nowhere and blindsided Cassandra-san and myself both, but then suddenly we were shocked we hadn't thought of it before. They fit so well together, it's crazy.

And I love their interactions, especially the beginning ones where Rui was showing interest and Josei had no idea what to do about it. She really thought he was just teasing/tormenting her, because he always has that vaguely amused way of going about everything...

In any case, they rank very high up in my list of favourite couples in N.D.; plus their son is Kenta and I have a huge soft spot for him because of Hoshiko. ♥


Nightmares For Another Day )

I need an N.D. icon. .__.;

EDIT: Made a shooting star icon. That will do nicely. ♥

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