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Hey look, an actual new N.D. scene! I told you I was planning on getting back into the N.D. universe again! =3

I also want to work on some drabbles with the set of OC Furuba Jyuunishi that Cassandra-san and I created way back when. But we didn't get too far into that back then so I need to find the notes I scribbled down for it so I remember all the names and character personalities. As it is, all I can remember are Tasuku (rat), Hana (bird/rooster), Natsume (rabbit), Nyoka (snake), Arima (cat) and Ron (bull.) I also vaguely recall that their "God"'s name began with a T. Hmm. Not much to go on. :|

Anyway, on to the drabble!

Sometimes being one of Kakyuu-ouhi's Starlights wasn't all it was cracked up to be. )

Working with the youngest generation of Starlights a little. They came into being very shortly before life sucked Cassandra-san and I up and dragged us away from our beloved Nagareboshi Destiny (kicking and screaming; we didn't go quietly.)

I'm rather fond of Ayu, though I'm not entirely sure why. Part of it is because he insists on being in his male form 90% of the time even though he's so tiny and thin and girly looking. His excuse is that it's more comfortable for him, though he really couldn't say why. It's almost as if he's transgendered, but that's not really it either, since he was perfectly fine with being a girl before being chosen to be Neo-Hunter. Maybe he just doesn't want to put up with the monthly bleeding anymore? lol.

Up until today I hadn't really thought out Ayu's background much. Now, I'm sure more details will come to light as time goes by but I've given him a younger sister, Monami. Monami is two years younger than Ayu and goes to a private boarding school, paid for by an insurance policy. Ayu attended the same academy until being chosen as a Starlight.

When Ayu was almost three years old and Monami was still a baby their father left, so they never really knew him. They lived happily with their mother until not too long ago when she was killed in a work-related accident (details to come later if/when I figure them out), at which point they went to live with their maternal grandparents.

Everything settled down again then and life continued on as per normal until Ayu was scooped up by Hikaru to be Neo-Hunter. She left the boarding school to attend classes at the Palace and train, at which point she learned how to switch to her male form and decided to stick with it. In his spare time he picked up a job at The Rose Light as one of the resident bishounen, though in his case it's more of a MOE thing than anything else.

Then, about a year after moving to the Capital, the plague broke out. Ayu and Monami's grandparents were killed when the virus swept their city. Monami was still away at school at the time, but since then Ayu hasn't heard from her and is starting to think that her sister is dead as well.

Writing Ayu as pensive, pessimistic, sad, quiet and worried is a little strange for me because it clashes with the character image I have in my head. Ayu is a cheerful, perky, happy person. He's always laughing and joking around. Then again, Shizuki is much the same way and her attitude is a lot more low-key right now too.

I guess a borderline Zombie Apocalypse landing on your doorstep will do that to you. Haha.

EDIT: You know, I never would have thought I'd be using this icon in conjunction with N.D. XD;;


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