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Today's scribble is brought to you by an old LJ rpg that I played in for several years. I still miss Rizu off-and-on, mostly because it's where I met a lot of my good friends and since it's been shut down I've grown somewhat apart from a lot of them. Most of this is because of me, my health and my meds and various catastrophes irl, but still. *sigh*

So this is a Reno/Roxas drabble. In summer 2010 myself and a couple of others from Rizu decided we wanted to pick things up again and that we would do some rping in the Rizu!verse over AIM, but after a little while those plans just kind of went by the wayside.

At that point I was particularly amused by the Reno/Roxas thing that we'd been planning. When Rizu was actually still running, Roxas was picked up and dropped by three or four different muns before I nicked him. The poor boy was very abandoned lol. But when after I picked him up, he never really got close to anyone relationship-wise. He made a few friends, but nothing beyond that.

But when we were planning to pick some Rizu stuff up again, the idea to pair him with Reno came up, and we all thought it would be a cute/entertaining pairing. There were a few scenes I had been really looking forward to rping out, so when things didn't pan out for picking the rp up, I was a little disappointed. But oh well, that's life, right? =/

ANYWAY. Hence this drabble. Just a not-quite-fic I've had meandering around in the back of my brain for a while now. It's got some adult themes, but nothing really graphic. If you don't like same sex pairings, don't read it. Just an FYI before someone clicks and then regrets it. ^^;

Later, Roxas would wonder if that had been Reno's plan all along. )

LOOOOL and we end there before it becomes graphic and I have to post it under an f-lock. =D;;


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