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I have no idea why, but lately my drive to do fan projects (outside of Valdemar-related stuff) has just skyrocketed. I guess I've been watching/getting into things that are easy to do OC things with, or maybe I'm just traveling backward in time to when I was fourteen. Whatever the reason, I've gone from N.D. (SM Stars) and Fruit Cocktail (Furuba), and added A la Carte (Tokyo Mew Mew) and my as-of-yet-untitled MLP: Friendship Is Magic stuff.

And now I have not one but two Powerpuff Girls projects, and a HeartCatch Precure one as well. (This is all on top of the ever-growing list of original writing that I'm always working on.) *FACEPALM*

But whatever. I'm just messing around, not hurting anyone, so... *shrug*

Anyhoo~ this time I'm going to talk about my PPG projects... one of them is based on the original North American Powerpuff Girls, created by Craig McCracken. There's two parts to this project, PPG: Genesis and then PPG: Progeny. These are tentative working titles which I hope to change, as I'm not very fond of them. :P

PPG: Genesis & PPG: Progeny )

And the second PPG project is based on Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z!, which is the anime spin-off that was based on the original North American PPG. PPGZ has very little in common with the original, really, other than a few names and really, really basic background. It's a fun series in it's own right, but you can't compare it to the original PPG or you'll go crazy. XD;;

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls C! )

So... yeah. XD; idk, it all just came to me while I was watching PPGZ the last week or so. *pokes brain with a stick*

Next entry will be about my HeartCatch Precure OC stuff.


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