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I've started working on a new Valdemar one-shot fic. It's actually one that I've had milling about in the back of my head for years, and I'm just now finally getting around to tinkering with it. When the idea first struck me years back, I actually intended for it to be a chaptered fic, but when I started writing a few days ago it became very evident that it would work out better as a series of one-shots instead.

The one I'm writing right now is called In The Forest and is, of course, the beginning of the entire set of stories. There may or may not be any number of follow-up short fics, or possibly a chaptered fic after all. I'm not entirely sure, and I figure I can decide on that later once I have In The Forest finished and posted. I'm hoping to get some feedback before I make up my mind where to take things next, if anywhere at all.

Anyway, working on this fic has established a pair of Companions that I'm finding myself very fond of already; I think I like Sarie and Kitean more than I have any of my Companions recently. They're siblings, and I think it's the dynamics of their relationship that make me like them so much. They just really amuse me, Kitean being kind of a girl about some things (in particular; insects) even though he's a stallion, and Sarie loving nothing more than to tease her brother about it when he has "OMG BUGS NUUUU GETTHEMOFFME!!" fits. Haha. XD;

Maybe when I get it finished I'll ask one of my Valdemar friends to give it a read-over and tell me what they think. I really like how it's coming along. It's been so long since I've done much writing, though, so I'm kind of worried that, even though I like it, it might not be... up to par with my previous writing? I dunno. I'm very unsure right now. =/

As well as ITF, I'm also working on the first chapter of Outlander (I need to hurry the hell up, there are apparently a few people really looking forward to more of it. ^^;) as well as a new chapter of Marionette, which is one of my personal favourites, even though I haven't worked on it in a long time.

I think Marionette represented a real change in my writing style. It was about then that I started really working on improving my writing, and it really shows in that fic. On top of that, Auralee's story was one that I had thought out beginning to end, unlike most of my other fanfiction.

I really tend to just start writing without any forethought or real planning when it comes to my fan works. There are very few that aren't kind of spur-of-the-moments, at least at first. With most chaptered fics, once I got the first prologue/chapter out I did generally take the time to figure out at least the basic plot points for the rest of the story. Ironically, when I'm doing original writing, I can work on background, religion, storyline, characters and etc. literally for YEARS before I finally get around to writing something. >>;;


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