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So, having been so active in the Valdemar and FIM fandoms lately, I've ended up with about a billion new OC characters. What else is new? >___>;;

As a result, I've started a new OC character concordance for my Valdemar characters. I had a huge long one created years back, but I lost it when geocities went belly up, so on top of the new OCs, I'm having to redo all the entries for the older ones, too. It's quite the undertaking, haha! But it's actually kind of fun. It's getting me to go back and revisit some of my old fics and characters again (hence me posting all those one-shots the other day lol. ;P

I also plan to do one for my FIM OCs, and then once those two are finished (or at least mostly finished), then I'm going to get started on one for my characters from original projects. Of all my concordance projects, my original project one(s) will be the crazy one. I have about a billion original project characters. Hopefully I'll be able to remember them all. XD; If not, I'm totally more screwed than I ever thought I was.

Anyway, so look for the beginning of the concordance stuff relatively soon!


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