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So back a few years ago, I started writing Come The Dawn with Fireblade. It's a Valdemar fic. Is anyone surprised by that? I honestly can't remember how it came about that we decided to co-author something together, but it worked out okay, even though CTD still isn't finished. We're working on it, okay? XD;;

Anyway, as part of working on the CTD concept and whatnot, Fireblade wrote out a bunch of prose in the form of ballads, which were/are going to be added to the fic in various spots and are "written" by characters in the story, and turned into songs by Phineas, our resident irritating Bard. I was and still am in awe of Fireblade's writing skills. I couldn't write poems/prose if my life depended on it, with the possible exception of haiku lol. ^^;

Purple Hippo:
Look out the window,
Black squirrel with a brown-grey tail,
No one else sees it.


I finally found the printed pages of these ballads, and rather than chance losing them (again), I'm going to post them here for safekeeping. Like I said, I didn't write these, they're by the wonderful Fireblade. Just sharing/saving them here because I can/want to. ♥

The Legend:

Earth. Air. Fire. Water.
Elemental sons and daughters
Born to Valdemar in times of need
An epic war they did precede

River, Wind, Stone and Flame
Tragedy did they proclaim
Born they were, titanic power
To battle away their darkest hour

Air Companion, eyes of gold
Ethereal are you to behold
And Chosen, you, with power great
When you call, the winds abate

Water spirit, eyes of blue
Serenely flowing through and through
And you of sacred rivers three,
Too, you flow, along with she

Firey one, with eyes of flame
Truly suits you, does your name
Chosen, too with temper extreme
Through you truly lives the dream

And so-calm Earth, with temper bright
Eyes of green, filled with delight—
But Chosen filled with sorrow deep
For human blood, you truly weep

Four and four, all of eight
Together all of you await
To save your country, world and home
To help keep Valdemar all our own

So ride! All eight, ride to your doom
To battle away the deepest gloom
And when at last the dark is gone,
Then again shall come the dawn!

It Is Time:

":It is time...:"
Eight voices sound,
Four Mindspoken,
Four aloud.

The Elementals know
Their time has come--
Blood has been spilled,
Coming is the Midnight Sun.


Heartbeat of the Earth,
Wind, Water,
Tiny Flame
Don't you know your time has come?


Fire, Stone,
Rivers three
Do you know you're riding to your doom?


":Yes, it is time.:"
Eight voices sound again.
Some strong, some shaking,
But every one sure.


"Go with our blessings."
Says the Queen,
The Grove-Born bows--
":It is time.:"


Some nights, in my dreams,
I see what yet may be.
Fire am I, unafraid, I am not,
No flame can warm what I see.

The first one-- I am still at home.
All eight of us I see.
Shi'vring I awake-- among my sibs
Different am I, Demon am I?


Next one, in Haven warm,
Flickering flashes of green-red-gold.
I feel the fear as darkness draws near--
When the sun begins to die.


A battle of losses for Valdemar,
Townsmen, Healers, Heralds, Guards,
We eight, all grown now, fight alone--
Awake now, I want to cry.


Almost spent, we strike at the heart of dark,
Earth-Air-Fire-Water, spear of Light.
The darkness shrieks and reaches--
Enveloping all I see...


The fires of my heart bring the light to dark,
I fight my own way free--
To find that Wind-River-Mountain fell,
The Death Bell mourns in my soul.


Past dreams now-- long ago,
But the grief stays in my heart.
Fire am I-- broken am I--
No flame can bring comfort to me.


I fight my way out of darkness,
Reaching for the Others in my mind;
The Tiny Flame-- I find so fast.
We search-- who else, the battle survived?

Where is the Heartbeat of the Earth?
Where is the Ancient Wind?
Where is the Water Titan?
Edana cries-- no answer do I have...

I cry back to her--
Where is our Fen?
Where is Triveni?
Where is Makani?

Together we seek--
Now fearing the worst.
Now the Death Bell tolls--
We feel it in our very bones.

Together, we cling,
And shout to the sky:
Where's Ciro? Asks she,
Where's Fenelle? I cry...

And yet-- we know,
All but us are lost.
Valdemar is saved--
But at the highest cost.


Often, I sit by the river,
Tethys, my Companion, at my side.
Listen to the river, listen to the flow--
But what has happened downstream-- no one can know.

I thought I was to be like the element I command,
Never stopping, never slowing, ever-rushing, ever-flowing.
But as we draw near to the battle-- I begin to understand,
The fear within me will freeze me to the bone.


I feel my doom approaching; my fate is drawing near,
A tiny hope that "I'll survive" has yet to become clear.
Sister Fire knows who will live and who will die--
She will not say it, but I can see it in her eyes.


The river brings us news: some is bad, but some is worse,
The enemy upon us surely strikes us with his curse.
The water brings is news-- another death and the Bell tolls--
I wish that it is not to be, but I can feel it in my soul.


I weep, I mourn, the Death Bell cries,
And deep inside I realize,
The enemy strikes down all of the week--
But it is for the Eight he seeks.


Deep down inside, I suddenly know,
For Valdemar-- I am ready to go.
We eight will strike down evil's hand--
At last, I know-- I understand.


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