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I've been reading The Finest Creation by Jean Rabe. Here is what the back of the book says: "They were the Finest Creations-- mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically, and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and then protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue."

Anyone who has read any of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books and/or knows me will see right away what drew me to The Finest Creation (as well as its' sequels.)

At first I very much expected it to be a ripoff of Valdemar, but as I've been reading it had turned out very differently. The writing style is dramatically different, for one thing, but aside from that, despite the writeup I shared above, there are very few similarities between the two. In short "telepathic horses" is about it. Everything else about the Finest and their relationship with their assigned humans is completely different from Companions and their Chosen in Mercedes Lackey's books. This has been a very pleasant surprise for me, as well as something that's poking at the recesses of my brain.

Basically, I'm already tentatively planning a fic. I have no idea what it will be about yet, as I'd like to finish the books before I get too far into planning (so I don't mess up the canon), but I do know that the two Finest in it will be called Faithful-Mare and Dauntless-Stallion. (In The Finest Creation, the main Finest character is called Gallant-Stallion, and his mentor is Steadfast-Stallion. That seems to be the naming scheme for them, so I'm keeping with it. Their charges do tend to give them other names, though: Gallant is also called "Rue" and Steadfast is called "Nightsong". I'll be thinking of human-given names for my own Finest as well; I'm considering naming Faithful "Lily", or maybe "Belle", but I'm not sure about Dauntless.) Faithful is a small, slim chestnut horse with a white blaze on her nose and three white socks. Dauntless is a black-and-white paint with one brown eye and one blue.

Faithful and Dauntless will be working together as a team of Finest, each with their own charge. As with other Finest, they work in secret, so their humans don't know what they really are, but this is the first time that two Finest have been paired up to work entirely together, as their charges are twin brothers and are always together. I still have to name them and everything. *shrug*

So basically... more magical talking horses! YAY! :D

EDIT: Faithful's human-given name shall be "Silk"! ♥


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