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I downloaded Red's "Until We Have Faces" album a few days back. This was a big mistake. XD;;

Pretty much every song in the album inspired a songfic in my mind. >>; By the time I was finished listening to it all the way through I had a whole set of fics, which will actually work out alright since I had a set of characters who've been knocking around in my head for a while that I wanted to work with anyway. Haha.

So a while back I started up Silver And Sapphire, which was a Valdemar RPG based on LJ. I worked my butt off on getting it set up, and then when I opened it up for apps... I got a grand total of one. (♥ for Sethi on that one! lol.)

Basically, other than that one app, I had five of my own characters worked out for it (Magic, Piper, Rift, Metty Cox and of course my own personal Grove Born Stallion, Gwydion.) I really, really liked these characters, so I wanted to use them for something outside of the flop of an RP.

I managed to notch Rift into Outlander, but the others (other than Gwydion) were proving to be a little more difficult. Then Red came along! 8D And now I have a set of four songfics (+ one other that's tentatively set to a Cher song) introducing Magic, Piper and Metty as well as a few others: Magic's Chosen, Singe Wells; Piper's Chosen, Kylla Tucker; Gwydion's (current) Chosen, Metty Cox, as well as Ripa and his Chosen, Shiloa Kendrick.)

Currently I'm about halfway through writing Ripa's Hymn, introducing Ripa and Shiloa. They're the ones who have the second fic that's (tentatively) set to a Cher song, which will be titled Shiloa's Song.

Then the other one that I've started working on is titled Landslide, and is the one introducing Magic and Singe. I vaguely intend for Magic and Singe to be the main characters in this core group of friends, but who knows what'll end up happening, considering how my brain works, right? Heh.


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A while back I set up a Valdemar rpg on LJ ([ profile] valdemar_main) called Silver And Sapphire. There were a bunch of people who expressed interest in it while I was putting all the community stuff together... but then when I actually finished and opened it up for apps, only one person applied. :P

I had already created my characters for S&S though, so I was left with five new alters (well, four new + my long-time Grove Born Stallion, Gwydion) that are just sitting around collecting dust. =/

So I'm thinking I might try writing some short stories with them. I've got three Companions (Magic, Rift and Piper), and one Heraldic Trainee (Metty Cox) to work with, and I never run out of inspiration for new characters, so I could fill in the cast for any fics I wanted to write with relative ease.

I'm considering writing with Metty and pairing him up with one of the Companions. I can't seem to decide between Rift and Piper, though. I am leaning toward Piper a little more, just because I think her personality would play well off of Metty's. Rift is a lot quieter and more shy, which is pretty much the complete opposite of Metty and Piper (and Magic, but I have some tentative plans for a different storyline for her.)

And of course Gwydion has been my standard Grove Born for years now, so he's been paired with a bunch of different Heralds in various fics. Saet, Chav, Yitro, Colby, etc. Though I suppose I could write a Choosing fic with him and use Metty for that. I've never dealt with any of Gwydion's Choosings in my writing... just Saet in the Valdemar Calling rpg way back when.

...and now I'm considering sticking Metty with 'Dion. XD;;

Though now that I think about it, Metty is very unlike Gwydion's other Heralds. It might be interesting to give him someone different for a change. Hmm...

But lawl that still leaves me with the question of what to do with Rift and Piper. I guess I can work on Chosen for them as well, though. Or even Companion-centric adventure fic. That might be interesting! 8D;

NOTE: I actually started writing this entry a little over a week ago, and then got side-tracked by an abrupt visit to the ER and subsequent emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder, as it tried very hard to kill me. On Dec 23rd. Jerk.

EDIT: Oh. And I just looked at the clock. Happy New Year! ♥


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