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Another A la Carte drabble today. Still trying to get a feel for the characters. This one is Honey-centric the same as the last. It does half-introduce Momo, though, since she sits beside Honey in class.

Fujimaki! Eyes Forward! )

Starting at a new school sucks, but I imagine starting at a new school where you don't even speak the language fluently yet would be much, much worse. Luckily Momo speaks some English and later on she helps Honey to pick up what she was still lacking language-wise. ♥

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Hokay, another drabble today! But this time it's not N.D. related. Other than N.D., I also have two other anime fan-universes (three if you count my second gen Magic Knights from like ten years ago.) The first is Fruits Cocktail, the OC Fruits Basket Jyuunishi/universe that Cassandra-san and I have.

The next is my A la Carte team, which is an OC Tokyo Mew Mew project. There are six girls in it all together, and they're kind of a next gen thing too. This drabble is the first thing I've ever actually written out for AlaC, just introducing the main character a little.

Honey's really kind of depressed and downplayed in this, though she does end up much more cheerful later on once she's all settled in and has some friends. She starts to turn around pretty fast as soon as Momo enters the picture. Momo is the next character to be introduced, too. She's a classmate once Honey starts classes at her new school, among other things.

Everything was huge, and there were more people here than she had ever imagined could be crammed into a single city. )

A la Carte is still very much in the development stage. I'm still going over characters and plots and whatnot. Honey and Momo are about the only thing that's pretty much completely figured out.

In any case, Honey's full name is Honey Anna Wright, and she was born in the USA. She's blonde with blue eyes. Her mother died when she was ten, and so she lives with just her father. Her father's job takes them all around the world, which would be cool except it means that Honey can't make/keep friends very well. She secretly resents her father for putting her through that for her whole life.

But like I said, Honey perks up a lot once Momo enters the picture, and over time she does learn to forgive her father for dragging her all over the planet. It's not like he has much choice in the matter, anyway. *shrug*

Honey's red data animal is the Polar Bear. ♥

I'm looking forward to writing more with my TMM crew. They're going to be a fun bunch. ^^ And now I'm considering reviving my Rayearth OCs, too. Hmm.

What can I say? I'm a hopeless fangirl over some things. ^^;;


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