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Aaaand not even halfway through January and I've already broken my New Year's Resolution. Though, to be fair, my whole family has been in a bit of a tizzy over my sis and her new baby the last couple weeks, and it's not only my writing that's gone by the wayside in the chaos. ^^;

Besides, even though I haven't posted in a few days, I have been tinkering with some writing off-and-on (in particular a smutty-ish RenoxRoxas rpfic drabble that won't leave me alone), just not actually posting anything. I will admit there have been a couple days this last week that I just haven't had the energy to write, though. Still, I'm trying, right? Haha.

Now the last few days I've been occupying myself with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom stuff and thinking I kind of want to do something in it myself. I'm leaning toward a short manga, which would mean writing and scripting something out and then drawing it. I also can't decide if I want to do it in canon!FIMverse, or if I want to do human!FIM characters instead. Anthropomorphized ponies, maybe? (Though idk, apparently fandom in general views MLP pony-girls as creepy or something?)

The other thing that's nagging at me is the idea of writing something within the Skin Deep universe. Skin Deep is an online comic that I follow pretty much religiously. I find it a very unique and interesting concept. It's very well-written with engaging characters and great artwork. It's one of my favorites of all the comics I follow. ♥

A little while back, I bought a medallion from the Skin Deep store. It took me forever to choose which one I wanted, but I eventually settled on the Nemian Lion one (my other options were Maned Gryphon, Nixie, White Stag, Bug Bear & Grecian Sphinx) which I made into a necklace once it arrived in the mail.

Ever since my medallion got here, though, I've had the urge to do something in the Skin Deep canon. I think probably with OC characters, most likely, though the idea of writing with Jim is also tempting just based on the fact that I'm 110% sure his voice would be hilarious to do. XD;

Ahh, but I dunno. I haven't decided anything for sure with either of these new-ish fandoms. Though it is a good thing that my brain is starting to expand past the handful of series fandoms that I've been in pretty much exclusively for the past however-long... right? =D;;


EDIT #2: In case all the blatant linking didn't make it obvious, GO READ SKIN DEEP ALREADY. ♥


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