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Along with all the Valdemar fics, a few Kingdom Hearts ones and a smattering of others, I, of course, have several My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics as well. The three I currently have chapters of posted at FF.Net are Starless, Backlash and Melodious (Melodious being the most popular one, for some reason, though I personally like Starless' story better and Backlash's writing better. :P)

Other than those three, I also have a half-dozen one-shots I'm tinkering with, but more importantly, I have three other chaptered beasts that I'm working on as well: Life Deconstructed, Amity And Dissonance and The Alicorn Chronicles. This post is going to be me rambling about the final one in the list, which is the one that I've just started really putting together lately.

The Alicorn Chronicles is something I've been thinking on the while-- basically since the Season 3 end of MLP: FIM. The alicorns have always fascinated me (almost as much as the changelings!), so I decided I wanted to write about their origins... well, TAC isn't exactly that, but it does talk about how they came to rule Equestria, rather than any of the other pony kinds.

On top of that, I've always loved the fan designs for Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos (originally created by SpirotheFox), Celestia and Luna's parents, that are floating around out there. They're gorgeous designs, and I really want to work with those characters. SO I'M GOING TO. HAHA.

Beyond Galaxia and Cosmos, of course, there are other characters. I decided early on that I want to use some of the G1 MLP characters. I haven't decided which ones, though. Anyway, there are several other alicorn characters as well; Elysian, Helios, Orion, Eclipse, Selene and Nova. Those six are my own creation. The Alicorn Chronicles is a real mismash of characters from all over the place, as you can plainly see. ^^;


Elysian: Cosmos' best friend from foalhood. He is strong, dashing and confident and generally very popular with the mares. He and Powder have an on-again off-again relationship.

Helios: A year younger than the other alicorns, excepting Selene. He's much quieter than the others, more introspective, but with a secret vain streak. He is the studious one of his group of friends.

Orion: [Info pending.]

Eclipse: [Info pending.]

Selene: Galaxia's younger sister. She is the same age as Helios. She is very gentle and kind, and good with animals of all sorts. She has a pet chimera, called Trio, though each head has it's own name, too: Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. (Chimeras are normally vicious and dangerous creatures, but Selene tamed Trio when he was just a cub.) She makes friends easily, even if she can be a little socially awkward at times. She is also good at cooking and baking, and makes positively scrumptious apple custard tarts. Selene loves the night and usually stays up late to enjoy the stars and moon. This often makes her tired the next day, and she tends to oversleep and be habitually late in the mornings. Selene is pale white in color with a sheen of faint blue. Her mane and tail are billowing icy blue and her eyes match. Her Cutie Mark is a white crescent moon and starfield within a blue heart.

Nova: [info pending]
EDIT: I've decided that the G1 ponies I'm going to use are Medley, Powder, Minty and Surprise. ♥
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Aaaaand the beginning of another changeling-centric fic! 83

This one is getting many more reviews than Starless and therefore much more feedback. It's probably going to be relatively popular. ♥

Title: Melodious (Prologue)
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Author: [ profile] senashenta
Rating: K+
Genre: Adventure, Friendship, Slice-of-Life
Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Princess Melody (OC) and more OCs later on.
Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust. This story and original characters belong to their author.
Summary: An orphan changeling is found in the woods, just a foal abandoned and alone. An act of kindness brings her to Canterlot and the unusual position of being raised by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Now, Princess Melody has a lot to learn about being a pony - and Equestria has just as much to learn about changelings!

MELODIOUS Prologue )

Not very long, but you get the idea. It's something I've been thinking about the last couple of days and decided to give a shot at writing it. Hoping for some reviews with this one to see how my grasp of Celestia, Luna and Cadence are later on. The rest of the characters are pretty much planned to be OCs, but then idk, some of the canon ones might make cameos. ♥

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So both Fallout and Starless were rejected by EQD. The rejection email for Fallout said very little about why beyond just a point-form list of problems, but the one for Starless was very helpful with concrit. There were some points that I didn't agree with the beta reader on, but I suppose I appreciated his/her effort nonetheless.

One thing that the reviewer for Fallout said was that I should change my title, as it could be confused for another (popular) fic series of the same name. =/ While I am aware of the Fallout: Equestria thing, I have never read it, and when I began writing my own fic with the similar title I didn't even know it existed yet. While I understand the reviewer's concern in that regard... I've already committed to the title Fallout for my fic, and I don't really want to change it.

Then again, the duplicate title might be why I haven't gotten many readers yet, if people are looking at it and going "oh, a F:E ripoff. I'm not going to waste my time." then it might be prudent of me to consider changing the title.

idk, I just can't decide. ~_~;;

Anyway, all of this means neither of my currently running FIM fics are going to be posted at EQD at the moment, which also means that they will likely continue to be largely ignored by readers/the fandom in general. That sucks, but there's not much I can do about it besides keep trying. ^^;

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I come bearing two new chapters!

More to come, obvsly. I think Starless is going to end up around ten chapters. Maaaaybe eleven or twelve if it runs really long. *shrug* But I guess we'll see, right? My writing tends to get out of hand on a relatively regular basis, after all. XD;;

Title: Starless (Chapters Two & Three)
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Author: [ profile] senashenta
Rating: PG-13 (almost everypony; some death themes)
Genre: Adventure, Slice-of-Life
Characters: Calamity, Raven Wing, Granite, Indigo Sky, North Star, Tiger Lily, Dawnfeather, Sonnet, Neon Spark, Poppy Rows, etc. (All OCs.)
Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust. Some concepts regarding Changelings and the Hive are borrowed (with permission) from Silver Wing. This fic and any OCs belong to their author.
Summary: Sent on a scouting mission to the world Outside the Hive, the Changeling called Calamity gets hopelessly lost. When she encounters a young, injured unicorn in the forest, the entire course of both their lives is altered irrevocably.

STARLESS Chapter Two )

STARLESS Chapter Three )

Two chapters for the price of one! Chapter 2 ended prematurely, so it turned out shorter than I expected. After the last line I just couldn't think of a way to continue without it sounding forced and awkward. But Chapter 3 worked out well and went back to a decent length, so I'm happy overall.

Oh, and I finally screwed up the courage to submit this fic and Fallout to EQD. Here's hoping they go over well. ^^;

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My second FIM fic, yay!

Since the season 2 finale I've become fascinated by the changelings. So I decided to write about them! In the process I've become rather attached to Callie here. This fic is my baby right now. Haha~

Title: Starless (Chapter One)
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Author: [ profile] senashenta
Rating: G (Everypony)
Genre: Adventure, Slice-of-Life
Characters: Calamity, Raven Wing, Granite, Indigo Sky, Dawnfeather, Sonnet, Eon Spark, Poppy Rows, etc. (All OCs.)
Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust. Some concepts regarding Changelings and the Hive are borrowed (with permission) from Silver Wing. This fic and any OCs belong to their author.
Summary: Sent on a scouting mission to the world Outside the Hive, the Changeling called Calamity gets hopelessly lost. When she encounters a young, injured unicorn in the forest, the entire course of both their lives is altered irrevocably.

STARLESS Chapter One )

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So, besides Fallout I have several other MLP: FIM fics that I'm currently working on as well.

A lot of them are one-shots that center around a core group of OCs I've created; Spice (unicorn), Watermelon Punch ("Melon"; pegasus, my ponysona, actually), Cherry Fizzle ("Fizz"; earth), Darkling Grace ("Dark" or "Grace"; lunar pegasus), Clearwater (sea pony), Umbra (changeling) and Rook (zebra).

These ponies live on Citrus Island (of my own creation); the two cities on the Island are Orangeville (surrounded by orange orchards) and Colt West (a popular vacation destination with a small lime farm on it's outskirts.) There are two large beaches on the Island-- Key Lime beach is right by Colt West, while Grapefruit Beach is a short distance outside of Orangeville. There are also three lakes; Clementine Lake, Tangerine Lake and Lemonade Lake, and two rivers; Mandarin River and Pomelo River. There is one inlet, Yuzu Inlet, which is near-ish to Orangeville.

Of course some of the fics also involve other OCs, too. But I have a fondness for my little group of friends. ♥

Anyway, a bit about each fic!

"Life Deconstructed": One that I want to write, but really different from what I normally do. It follows a pair of ponies, Snowdrift (earth) and Comet (pegasus), both stallions, during their high school days; how they met, how they became friends-- and how they fell in love. It deals with a lot of issues involving prejudice and intolerance, but also hope and true friendship.

Main ponies: Snowdrift (earth), Comet (pegasus), Redtail (pegasus), Blur (pegasus), Whiskers (unicorn), Honeydew (unicorn), Blackberry Tart (earth) & Larksong (earth) (all OCs.)

"Starless": After watching the S2 finale of FIM, I became really fascinated by the Changelings. There isn't much fic out there about them yet, so I decided to write one. Starless follows Calamity, a young Changeling mare. During her first mission outside of the Hive, she injures her wings, gets lost and bumbles into a young unicorn mare, Indigo Sky, who is badly hurt-- and before she can do anything, Indigo dies. Hearing the search parties approaching and knowing that she will be blamed if she is found with Indigo, Calamity panics and shapeshifts into Indigo's form and goes to meet the searchers. She is taken back to Canterlot and "her" family, and forced to remain there and live her life as a "normal" pony while her wings heal, experiencing life outside the Changeling Colony and learning about the other denizens of Equestria along the way.

I borrowed some ideas about the Changelings and the Hive from Silver Wing, who is writing a Changeling-centric fic called To Find Love, which I really love. She was kind enough to give me permission to use some of her ideas. ♥

Main ponies: Calamity/Indigo Sky (changeling/unicorn), Raven (changeling), Dawnfeather (pegasus), Sonnet (unicorn), Eon Spark (unicorn) & Poppy Rows (earth) (all OCs.)

"Inside-Out": Follows two of my main OCs, Cherry Fizzle and Umbra. Fizz is originally from Manehattan, but after an accident left her blind her parents moved the family to Orangeville on Citrus Island because it was smaller and safer for their daughter than the frenetic activity of the big city. In this fic, Fizz stumbles on Umbra during a walk and befriends her. Umbra is living in the Yuzu Inlet, having been blown there in a storm, and is waiting for her wings to heal so she can fly home. Only after they have been friends for a while does Fizz find out that Umbra is a Changeling.

Main ponies: Cherry Fizzle (earth) & Umbra (changeling) (both OCs.)

"The Lost Pony": On an outing into the forest, Spice and Watermelon Punch run into a strange pony. His name is Clearwater, and he says he's lost. Later it turns out that he is a kelpie-- a type of sea pony who lives in rivers. Kelpies are tricksters and will sometimes leave the water, their tail splitting into legs, to get other ponies lost in the woods. After some confusion, Spice, Melon and Clearwater become friends-- and they make him promise not to trick hapless ponies anymore.

Main ponies: Spice (unicorn), Watermelon Punch (pegasus) & Clearwater (sea pony) (all OCs.)

"The Midnight Guard": Follows Darkling Grace while she makes some important life decisions; namely whether she will do what most lunar pegasi do and go to Canterlot to serve under Princess Luna or not.

Main ponies: Darkling Grace (lunar pegasus) (OC.)

"Wing Clipped": In Las Pegasus there is a young pony who can't fly like all the others in her class. Corona was born with deformed wings, unable to fly like other pegasus and confined to walking the cloud-streets of her home city. She can only watch from the sidelines and cheer her friends on as they soar above her. But flying isn't everything, even to a pegasus-- a message that her new Cutie Mark speaks in volumes.

Main ponies: Corona (pegasus), Ion (pegasus) & Solar Wind (pegasus) (all OCs.)

"Because": One that I'm still kind of working out, which explains the rise of Discord. It's only my second fic that actually has established FIM canon characters in it. Because is about Celestia, Luna, Discord, Cadence and Chrysalis, as well as Celestia and Luna's lost sister, Terra, when they were young and all of them were still friends.

Main ponies: Princess Celestia (alicorn), Princess Luna (alicorn), Princess Terra (alicorn), Princess Cadence (alicorn), Discord (draconequis) & Chrysalis (alicorn; changeling) (mostly canon; one OC.)

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Bah, it's been forever since I got around to posting anything here. Believe it or not I am writing a lot, though, it's just that I haven't actually updated Beautiful Silence. Go figure.

Ahhh, but letting my blogs (not just this one but my other ones as well) go by the wayside for so long means that all my paid account stuff has expired. NUUU MY ICONS!! ...which are the only reason I worry about paid accounts, really. XD; If I could just buy extra icon space and not bother with the other paid account add-ons I would definitely just do that.

Anyway, lately I've gotten into writing fic for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Of course, because I'm me, a lot of it is angsty. Because even cute, brightly-colored ponies aren't safe when my angst!muses are running rampant.

So far I've got the prologue and chapter one of one fic finished; Backlash is the only FIM fic I'm working on that uses canon characters. All my other ones are OC-based. (FIM is a very OC-friendly fandom, much like Valdemar. Most fandoms don't take kindly to OCs.)

So! Backlash follows the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a quest to save Equestria, of course. ♥ Long story short, there's an apocalyptic event, the Elements of Harmony are scattered, Celestia has vanished, and the mane six are out of the picture (mostly), so it's up to Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom to search out the Elements of Harmony again to save all of the world.

No pressure, girls. >>;


Title: Backlash (Prologue & Chapter One)
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Author: [ profile] senashenta
Rating: PG -> PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Tragedy
Characters: Princess Luna, Philomeena, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Winona, Dinky Hooves, Minty (FIM-icized), Spike, Nymph (OC character), Firefly (FIM-icised), Screwball; also many, many cameos from tons of other characters throughout the fic.
Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust. I own nothing besides the occasional original character.
Summary: Unicorns are supposed to have limits to their magic for a reason, and Equestria learns the hard way why. With the land in ruin, Celestia gone and the Elements of Harmony scattered, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom set out to bring light and hope back to the world.

BACKLASH Prologue: The End and The Beginning )

BACKLASH Chapter One: The Princess and The Problem )

So there's the beginning. It's posted up at my PonyFiction account as well as my FF.Net account and now here. Eventually I might get up the courage to submit it to Equestria Daily, but so far I haven't gotten any reviews so I'm nervous that no one likes it. =/

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Hokay, so I've done some brainstorming on what I might like to do in the MLP: Friendship is Magic universe, and ended up settling on a comic series based around OCs, rather than the current FIM cast.

The basis behind the comics, which will all be relatively short self-contained storylines (or at least that's the plan so far) follows an AU Royal Family; Queen Terra and her twin daughters, Moonlight Eve (the elder) and Aurora Dawn (the younger.) The idea is that Terra sends her daughters off into the world to experience life outside of Canterlot and the Palace, and the comics follow their adventures.

Around Equestria they meet many new and interesting ponies and other creatures, but the four ponies that are going to be a recurring theme are Nightmare and Daydream (actually physically based on a pair of MLP customs I did a couple years back), who are Earth ponies, Strawberry Sky, who is a Pegasus, and Rift, who is a Unicorn.

There are some other characters as well that I'm still working out, but one of them is Tucker, who is a Tiger-Manticore cub, and Artemis, who is a mysterious black wolf who, for some reason, appears to have a Cutie Mark the same as ponies do. I've got the very basic info for Tucker and Artemis spinning in my head while I work out more of the details.

Anyway, here's some pics that I did to help me with visualizing! They were all done via various doll maker games at Doll Divine in the "animals" section. I can kill SO MUCH TIME on that site, you have no idea... XD;;

Queen Terra:

Queen Terra is actually just a Unicorn, rather than an Alicorn like Princess Celestia/Luna in FIM. Terra's daughters are Alicorns, however, so I suppose she must have some Alicorn or Pegasus in her lineage somewhere... or their father was winged. idk, I haven't really thought about it since so far I don't plan to use him in the stories/comics. lol.

Princess Moonlight Eve:

Princess Eve is the elder twin, a few minutes older than her sister. She's very similar to Aurora in a lot of ways, but is also a lot more reserved than her at times and often takes on the role of "big sister" to protect and comfort her. While Aurora takes after their mother, Eve probably takes after their father more, though they can't know for sure since they hardly knew him.


Dusk is Princess Eve's pet, a black pidgeon. She's calm, collected and behaves in a way befitting of a Royal Pet. Dusk came to live at the Palace as a gift for the Princesses from a visiting dignitary; but since Aurora already had a pet of her own, Dusk quickly settled with Eve. She is good friends with Minka, but avoids the Palace cats.

Princess Aurora Dawn:

Princess Aurora is the younger twin. She is bright, cheerful, and friendly to a fault. She tends to only believe the best in everypony, and has been hurt before because of it. Still, she's a bright spot in the lives of most everyone who knows her. Despite that, she is actually very emotionally dependent on Eve.


Minka is Princess Aurora's pet. She is an ordinary rat, and began life in the Palace as a pest, living in the walls and stealing food from the kitchens and pantries. Eventually, humane traps were set to catch the rats for relocation, and Minka was caught in one. Aurora was the first to find her, and as Minka was so friendly to her, insisted that she keep her. Minka is friendly to everyone, very intelligent, but also has a mischievous streak that gets her into trouble sometimes.


Nightmare (and her cousin, Daydream) both come from Hoofington, where they grew up. Because of her coloration and name, Nightmare was often picked on as a filly, and those who didn't pick on her were afraid of her; rumors circulated about her parentage and possible relation to demon ponies. Because of all of that, Nightmare grew up very quiet and introverted, afraid of what might happen if she tried to speak her mind or confront those who bullied her. Only Daydream was kind to her, and they have been best friends ever since.


Daydream is cousins and best friends with Nightmare. When they were both young, Daydream often stood up for Nightmare and comforted her when she was bullied. Daydream is outgoing, cheerful and makes friends easily-- basically the exact opposite of her cousin. Still, they're as close as two ponies can be and Daydream wouldn't trade that for the world.


Rift is originally from Trottingham, and grew up in a high-class home, as his parents were very well off. When he was young, he was somewhat stuck-up about his class in life, a fact that he very much regrets now that he's older and had grown past that phase. Now, Rift is quiet, unassuming, but friendly. He tries his best to work for what he has, even if he's not very good at most manual labor.

Strawberry Sky:

Strawberry Sky hails from Las Pegasus (L.P.), where she lived until she was old enough to strike out on her own. Before that, she had never even set foot on the ground. Strawberry Sky is outgoing, sweet and always looking for adventure, even in the little things.


Tucker is a Tiger-Manticore cub; Tiger-Manticores differ greatly from Lion-Manticores in many physical ways. As a Tiger-Manticore, Tucker lacks the mane, wings and distinctive scorpion-tail of common Manticores. He has stripes over parts of his coat and only a small patch of hair that hangs over his eyes. His tail is much like a tiger's, but lined with multitudes of poisonous stinging barbs. (The doll maker obvsly didn't have those as an option. I'll sketch Tucker out for better reference later.)

Tucker is an orphan, barely surviving on his own in the Everfree Forest after his mother was killed by a hydra. Because of his lot in life, he's becoming quite timid and fearful, when he used to be proud and relatively carefree.


Artemis is an enigma. No one knows where he's from, what, exactly, he is, why he has what appears to be a Cutie Mark, or how he's connected to Princess Nocturne and Princess Aurora. More information and back story for him will be revealed over time.


Yeah, no Cutie Marks for the ponies yet because I'm still pondering most of them. Strawberry Sky's is a strawberry with little wings, but other than that I haven't decided anything concrete. *facepalm*

EDIT: Raiden MLP icon~ ♥♥♥

EDIT #2: Had to change Nocturne's name, as a character with that name will be appearing in FIM season 3. She is now called Moonlight Eve (just "Eve" for short), and Aurora's name has been lengthened to Aurora Dawn to match (she still just goes by "Aurora", though.)

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Aaaand not even halfway through January and I've already broken my New Year's Resolution. Though, to be fair, my whole family has been in a bit of a tizzy over my sis and her new baby the last couple weeks, and it's not only my writing that's gone by the wayside in the chaos. ^^;

Besides, even though I haven't posted in a few days, I have been tinkering with some writing off-and-on (in particular a smutty-ish RenoxRoxas rpfic drabble that won't leave me alone), just not actually posting anything. I will admit there have been a couple days this last week that I just haven't had the energy to write, though. Still, I'm trying, right? Haha.

Now the last few days I've been occupying myself with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom stuff and thinking I kind of want to do something in it myself. I'm leaning toward a short manga, which would mean writing and scripting something out and then drawing it. I also can't decide if I want to do it in canon!FIMverse, or if I want to do human!FIM characters instead. Anthropomorphized ponies, maybe? (Though idk, apparently fandom in general views MLP pony-girls as creepy or something?)

The other thing that's nagging at me is the idea of writing something within the Skin Deep universe. Skin Deep is an online comic that I follow pretty much religiously. I find it a very unique and interesting concept. It's very well-written with engaging characters and great artwork. It's one of my favorites of all the comics I follow. ♥

A little while back, I bought a medallion from the Skin Deep store. It took me forever to choose which one I wanted, but I eventually settled on the Nemian Lion one (my other options were Maned Gryphon, Nixie, White Stag, Bug Bear & Grecian Sphinx) which I made into a necklace once it arrived in the mail.

Ever since my medallion got here, though, I've had the urge to do something in the Skin Deep canon. I think probably with OC characters, most likely, though the idea of writing with Jim is also tempting just based on the fact that I'm 110% sure his voice would be hilarious to do. XD;

Ahh, but I dunno. I haven't decided anything for sure with either of these new-ish fandoms. Though it is a good thing that my brain is starting to expand past the handful of series fandoms that I've been in pretty much exclusively for the past however-long... right? =D;;


EDIT #2: In case all the blatant linking didn't make it obvious, GO READ SKIN DEEP ALREADY. ♥


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