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Sooooo... I had a request over at FF.Net. It's the first request I've gotten in a long time. Back when I was actively writing and posting there before I used to get requests, but because I always had so much going with my own ideas, I used to only take requests from my good friends and only for their birthdays, and it just worked out that they were always Heralds of Valdemar fics (Reality, Sightless, etc.)

This new request is from someone I don't know, and it's for a Sailormoon Stars fic, After a couple days of contemplation, I finally decided to accept the request. I haven't written anything from the SM fandom (outside of ND drabbles) in years, but I think I can manage it. It's just a one-shot, after all.

The problem is that it's a Yaten/Usagi fic. XD;;

Canonically, I only ship Seiya/Usagi and Yaten/Minako. Outside of SM canon, I of course ship Seiya/Yaten because of all the Nagareboshi Destiny madness. So writing a Yaten/Usagi fic is going to be a real challenge. But it's good to stretch out your proverbial creative muscles every once in a while, right?

And if I can get through a SM one-shot, then maybe I'll be re-inspired to work on Walk A Mile or Dance In The Shadows! That would be nice, too, as I still get reviews asking if/when I'm going to work on them again. >__>;;


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