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And now for some rambles about my HeartCatch Precure OC stuff! 8D;;

I don't really have much worked out for this one plot-wise; mostly I've just been tinkering with characters and doing some initial sketches for outfits and hairstyles. *shrug* I'll come up with a plot as I continue planning out the players in it, I suppose. That happens a lot with my projects. It's how Eclipse 16 started, in fact-- as a sketch done on notebook paper in grade 9 math class. XD;


Kitazawa Hikari is the first character; she transforms into Cure Aurora and her colour is purple. Hikari is very beautiful, with long hair and a willowy kind of figure. She's kind of aloof and doesn't have many friends, though later on she becomes close to her Precure teammates. Hikari's fairy partner is called Sachet, and is the eldest of the three fairies in the team. Sachet is calm and collected, and takes his job seriously. Hikari's heart flower is the hydrangea, and her introduction speech goes "The flower that thrives at the ends of the Earth... Cure Aurora!"

Inoue Keiko is the second character; she transforms into Cure Clover and her colour is green. Keiko is loud, boisterous and outgoing. She's on the short side, but doesn't let that hamper anything she wants to do. She's tenacious and doesn't stop until she gets things to go her way. Keiko's fairy partner is called Aroma, and is the younger of a pair of twin fairies. Aroma is a little immature, friendly and loves to play. Keiko's heart flower is the alchemilla, and her introduction speech goes "The flower that brings hope and good fortune... Cure Clover!"

Sasaki Amaya is the third character; she transforms into Cure Monarch and her colour is orange. Amaya is more subdued than Keiko, but more outgoing than Hikari. She's very studious and likes to read in her spare time, but also values her friends and loves spending time with them. Amaya's fairy partner is called Incense, and is the elder of the pair of twin fairies. Incense is very similar to her sister, Aroma, but isn't quite as immature. Amaya's heart flower is the freesia, and her introduction speech goes "The flower that calls to the beautiful butterfly... Cure Monarch!"

OP: "Hana" by Hamasaki Ayumi

ED: "Himawari" by Hearts Glow

I have a thing about soundtracking everything. >>; I still need to pick image songs for Hikari, Keiko and Amaya, but the OP and ED up there are firm and I think they fit the themes of Precure and the feeling I'm going for with this OC stuff really well. ♥


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