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This DW is (semi) Friends Only. Entries about fanfiction and other fan projects are free for anyone to view, but entries about original projects are friends-locked. If you know Sena and/or are interested in following Beautiful Silence, leave a comment on this post saying how you know her or telling her a bit about yourself, and you'll most likely be added. Sena loves new friends, after all. ♥

Please give 24-48 hours, though, just in case something happens and it takes a bit for her to reply. :)

Disclaimer: All original concepts, writing, art and projects contained within Beautiful Silence are (c) Tiffany Wynne (Sena) from 1998 onward. Any concepts and works from fandoms belong to their respective creators/copyrights. Sena does not claim rights to works by other authors/artists, though the fan-writing/art/etc. from fandom works belongs to Tiffany Wynne (Sena.)


♥ Vanima Din ♥

Welcome to Beautiful Silence; a freeform writing blog. This is where Sena will keep notes on various fan/original projects and discuss ideas with herself. While fan projects will be posted freely, original works will be under Friends Lock. If you are interested, please comment on the Friends Lock Banner entry for consideration. ♥

All works contained within this journal are (c) Tiffany Wynne (Sena) from 1998 to 2011 and onward.

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