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Today someone reviewed Outlander over at FF.Net and asked if I was still working on it, or if it was an abandoned fic. Granted, I haven't updated that particular fic in a couple of months, but the question still kind of caught me off-guard. I keep forgetting that not everyone is aware of how crazy my Nov/Dec were this past year.

In regards to update schedules, though, I really should try to set one up. It might help me keep my stories more organized. The problem is that my creative center is really... random. Really random. This is why one-shots routinely pop out of nowhere in between updates of my chaptered projects. It's also the reason why some fics wait months between updates and some might update a bunch of times in the span of a couple weeks.

In any case, an update schedule probably wouldn't work right now anyway, considering the number of chaptered fics I'm in the middle of writing. I mean, I'm up to about 20 current projects right now over at FF.Net alone. This isn't counting any of my original works-- and trust me, there are a lot of those.

Haha. I'd have to schedule things monthly rather than weekly like everyone else...


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