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So back a few years ago, I started writing Come The Dawn with Fireblade. It's a Valdemar fic. Is anyone surprised by that? I honestly can't remember how it came about that we decided to co-author something together, but it worked out okay, even though CTD still isn't finished. We're working on it, okay? XD;;

Anyway, as part of working on the CTD concept and whatnot, Fireblade wrote out a bunch of prose in the form of ballads, which were/are going to be added to the fic in various spots and are "written" by characters in the story, and turned into songs by Phineas, our resident irritating Bard. I was and still am in awe of Fireblade's writing skills. I couldn't write poems/prose if my life depended on it, with the possible exception of haiku lol. ^^;

Purple Hippo:
Look out the window,
Black squirrel with a brown-grey tail,
No one else sees it.


I finally found the printed pages of these ballads, and rather than chance losing them (again), I'm going to post them here for safekeeping. Like I said, I didn't write these, they're by the wonderful Fireblade. Just sharing/saving them here because I can/want to. ♥

The Legend )

It Is Time )

Dreams )

Searching )

Listen )


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