Be Still

Nov. 22nd, 2012 05:45 pm
vanimadin: (Content Roxas)
Another new fic!

Hopefully I did a decent job describing hypothermia. =/

Be Still

Title: Be Still
Fandom: Heralds of Valdemar
Author: senashenta
Rating: K+
Genre: Fantasy, Tragedy
Characters: Herald Kicha Burns & Companion Joti, Herald Trish Medelson & Companion Rorrim
Disclaimer: Valdemar and concepts belong to Mercedes Lackey; lyrics are to "Be Still" by The Fray; original characters and this fic belong to their author.
Summary: A deafening crack, a violent gust of wind and a wall of snow: an avalanche. Now a Herald and her Companion are trapped, buried beneath ten feet of ice, and there is nothing they can do but wait for death to come, all the while their partners try desperately to save them.

Be Still )


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