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After almost four years I am finally getting somewhere with this fic! Life After Death started out as a quirky little idea that I shared with Michi and then it kind of snowballed into the EPIC RPG OF DOOM. The two of us rped out like a thousand pages of this story over the course of almost three years, and I'm not exaggerating about that.

So now that I'm actually getting this written out, edited and posted, it's my second zombie AU! First I inflicted Fallout on Valdemar, and now Life After Death on Kingdom Hearts. I'm a terrible person lol. Though I guess technically KH!zombieverse came first in the grand scheme of things...
Life After Death

Title: Life After Death (Prologue)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Author: senashenta and [ profile] fantacination
Rating: T -> MA
Genre: Horror, Adventure, Tragedy, Angst, Shounen-ai, Smut
Characters: Roxas, Riku, Sora, Axel, Demyx, Kairi, Marlene, Marluxia, Zexion, Cloud
Pairings: Future RikuRokuRiku and AkuDemy
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and characters belong to Squarenix, Disney and etc.; this fic belongs to its' author(s).
Summary: Just your average "boy-meets-boy during the Zombie Apocalypse" story.

Life After Death: Prologue )

And so we have the very beginning of my first KH fic! Yay!

I'm also working on a second one called The Second Tail, which is a feudal-Japan type AU where Roxas is a kitsune prince, Ven is his twin brother, Riku is the highborn son of a local lord, Kairi is a highborn daughter from another family and his betrothed, and Sora is Riku's "personal servant" and bff since they were kids. The Second Tail hasn't been rped out at all or anything, though, so it's got a much more traditional... birthing, I guess you could say. Haha.

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A while back I posted an exerp from Life After Death, the Kingdom Hearts zombie apocalypse AU that Michi and I have been working on for over two years now. Since we're getting relatively close to wrapping that one up, we've started working on another as well, which is fondly called Bataille!verse, since it doesn't have an actual title as of yet.


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As of today it's two whole years since [ profile] fantacination and I started working on the Kingdom Hearts Zombocalypse AU. \o/

Basically, two years ago I had a vague idea of doing a zombie apocalypse Kingdom Hearts fic, and in discussing the idea with Michi-darling and working out some details we ended up deciding to work on it together in the form of an RP fic. YAY, right? I just recently titled it "Life After Death".

The main story revolves around Roxas and Riku (it's RikuRoku centered) and is kind of a Boy-Meets-Boy-And-They-Fall-In-Love-During-The-End-Of-The-World thing. I play Roxas and Michi plays Riku, I also play Demyx and she plays Axel; then we kind of share the rest of the characters between us. It's an action-romance with quite a bit of PWP in it. ♥

It's been a TON of fun, and is like a thousand pages long now. I'm about to the point of starting to put it together in word and edit it into a workable fanfiction form so we can post it. I haven't officially started that yet, but since it's our second anniversary, I figured I'd post a snippet here.

This is from a more recent part of the RP/fic and is a huge spoiler, not that anyone cares at this point. XD

They were going to have some serious words later. Assuming they survived this. )

Believe it or not, Roxy and Riku started off hating each other. They obviously don't anymore. Haha. It was interesting to work through their relationship from where they started to where they are now. :3

Now on top of still working on zombie!verse, we're also RPing out a Kingdom Hearts school battle AU, which is fondly called Bataille!verse (Bataille is what the battle system is called). I play Roxas and Demyx again, and she plays Riku and Axel, but I also play Ven and Michi plays Vanitas. Then there's misc other characters as well. It's RikuRoku too. We both have a weakness for pairing those boys up together. ♥

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