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In amongst the papers where I found the pages of So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! I also found a few other writing/rp-related things that I want to keep. So posting them here so that I can find them easily in the future. ^_^ I'm keeping the hard copies, too, of course, but I always feel better if I have important things archived in more than one place. :P

So here we have the profile for Trea Delaney and her Companion, Laksha. I wrote this out for the Companion's Choice RP (I think it was that one, anyway) but then never really got around to rping with them much before CC shut down. I like the characters, though, so I want to work with them again at some point, probably in fic form rather than rp. (Mostly because there are no Valdemar rps out there right now, despite my attempts to put one together a while back.)

Trea Delaney and Laksha )

Trea and Laksha Drabble )


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