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♥ Vanima Din :: Beautiful Silence ♥
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Sterling is a (UnBonded) Companion, a mystical creature from the Heralds of Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey; a sentient, intelligent and magical being in the form of a shining, unnaturally white horse with crystal blue eyes. When a Companion comes of age, they go out and Choose a human to whom they will be Bonded for life. Sterling communicates through Mindspeech (a type of telepathy), as all Companions do.

Sterling was Sena's first Muse, and thus is the highest ranking of them all, Chief Muse, in charge of all the others. He generally keeps things running smoothly inside Sena's circus of a brain, and tries his best to keep all the others in line, sometimes with limited success. He also helps Sena keep her hundreds of storylines and characters, both fan-made and original, organized.

Originally, Sterling was the only Muse and therefore also in charge of wrangling the plotbunnies for every project she started. (He was very overworked and put-upon.) With the integration of the other Muses over time, though, Sterling has been able to take a step back from much of the work. Now he only takes over the odds and ends that the other Muses don't cover.

Jack is a jackalope; jackalopes are creatures from North American myth and legend, going all the way back to the wild west. Jackalopes are described as a jackrabbit or hare with the horns of an antelope or deer. They generally live in the prairies or scrub brush at the outskirts of deserts, and eat grass, clover and other plants the same as a regular rabbit/antelope would.

Despite the above picture, Jack is a very rowdy Muse. He likes country music, bluegrass and moonshine. As for his duties, Jack is usually the one in charge of the comedic and lighthearted plotbunnies, and does a wonderful job when it comes to the less serious projects that Sena works on. Jack gets quite a bit of downtime, though, as Sena tends more toward serious/dark writing than comedy, which suits him just fine. He spends his spare time lounging around just being social with the other Muses.

He is particularly fond of and close to Song, and has taken her under his wing, so to speak.

Tomoko is a kitsune; a Japanese fox demon/God. Kitsune are considered very wise, but also dangerous and mischievous. As they age they develop more tails, so by counting those you can estimate a kitsune's age. The ratio is approximately one tail per one hundred years, capping off at nine tails at the most. Once a kitsune has all nine tails, they are said to transcend to a point where they can see and hear everything that happens in the world.

In Tomoko's case, she only has one tail so far. She is just over a hundred years old, very young for her kind, basically just a child. Like all kitsune she has the ability to shapeshift into a human form, during which she appears to be fourteen or fifteen years old. Tomoko loves koi and goldfish, and will spend hours watching them in ponds if she comes across them. She also has a fox friend, Swift, who isn't of the kitsune line. As a regular fox, Swift has no special powers, but is Tomoko's constant companion. One of her favorite pastimes is to sneak up on Kier and pounce on his tail.

As a relatively new Muse, Tomoko is still learning the ropes around Sena's mind, but has taken over the general role of Fantasy Muse, mostly in regard to Sena's original writing. In that genre she takes care of pretty much every variation; angst, fluff, action, etc.

Kierian ("Kier") is a winged wolf; winged wolves are common around the Internet as original characters and suchlike, and there are a few in one of Sena's unnamed original projects as well. Kier is black with matching wings and purple eyes. When his emotions run high (any of them; happy, angry, sad, the works), his entire body glows with an aura that matches his eyes-- misty purple.

As the second of Sena's muses to make himself known, Kier is second-in-command to Sterling, and picks up Sterling's duties when needed. For his own Muse role, Kier is in charge of the action genre and any action scenarios in any other project that Sena comes up with, fanfiction or original writing. He rather likes his job, actually, though he also likes to have time to himself to lounge around and sleep in the sun. He's very laid back about most things, but gets very irritable when Swift insists on chasing his tail.

Song is quite simply a beautiful golden palomino mare; the only thing that sets her apart from a regular horse is her human-level intelligence and her ability to speak. Song comes from the same original universe as Kier and a handful of Sena's other characters, including her sister Terra. She is the newest of Sena's muses, quite shy and soft spoken for the most part, and still trying to settle into her niche with the other Muses. She is secretly a little smitten with Sterling.

When she arrived, Song took over the role of Muse for angst and sorrow. If it's depressing, Song has a hand (or hoof) in it. She is very good at works like that; extremely graceful and poetic. Because of this, she works closely with Sterling and Tomoko quite often. She doesn't work with Kier as often, but does on occasion. She basically never works with Jack, as their respective genres are complete opposites.

However, this doesn't mean Song and Jack aren't friends. She is actually probably personally closes to Jack than any of the others. Sometimes, when her work as an angst muse gets her down, Song will seek out Jack for company, because he's so upbeat and cheerful. They spend time together chatting and Jack jokes around, and that inevitably makes her feel better about life.

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Here there be links to some of Sena's favourite sites (that pertain in some way to the concepts of Beautiful Silence.) I'm still compiling banners, and this section will probably be under pretty much permanent construction as I find more blogs/journals/online manga/comics/whatever that I want to link to.

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