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Along with all the Valdemar fics, a few Kingdom Hearts ones and a smattering of others, I, of course, have several My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics as well. The three I currently have chapters of posted at FF.Net are Starless, Backlash and Melodious (Melodious being the most popular one, for some reason, though I personally like Starless' story better and Backlash's writing better. :P)

Other than those three, I also have a half-dozen one-shots I'm tinkering with, but more importantly, I have three other chaptered beasts that I'm working on as well: Life Deconstructed, Amity And Dissonance and The Alicorn Chronicles. This post is going to be me rambling about the final one in the list, which is the one that I've just started really putting together lately.

The Alicorn Chronicles is something I've been thinking on the while-- basically since the Season 3 end of MLP: FIM. The alicorns have always fascinated me (almost as much as the changelings!), so I decided I wanted to write about their origins... well, TAC isn't exactly that, but it does talk about how they came to rule Equestria, rather than any of the other pony kinds.

On top of that, I've always loved the fan designs for Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos (originally created by SpirotheFox), Celestia and Luna's parents, that are floating around out there. They're gorgeous designs, and I really want to work with those characters. SO I'M GOING TO. HAHA.

Beyond Galaxia and Cosmos, of course, there are other characters. I decided early on that I want to use some of the G1 MLP characters. I haven't decided which ones, though. Anyway, there are several other alicorn characters as well; Elysian, Helios, Orion, Eclipse, Selene and Nova. Those six are my own creation. The Alicorn Chronicles is a real mismash of characters from all over the place, as you can plainly see. ^^;


Elysian: Cosmos' best friend from foalhood. He is strong, dashing and confident and generally very popular with the mares. He and Powder have an on-again off-again relationship.

Helios: A year younger than the other alicorns, excepting Selene. He's much quieter than the others, more introspective, but with a secret vain streak. He is the studious one of his group of friends.

Orion: [Info pending.]

Eclipse: [Info pending.]

Selene: Galaxia's younger sister. She is the same age as Helios. She is very gentle and kind, and good with animals of all sorts. She has a pet chimera, called Trio, though each head has it's own name, too: Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. (Chimeras are normally vicious and dangerous creatures, but Selene tamed Trio when he was just a cub.) She makes friends easily, even if she can be a little socially awkward at times. She is also good at cooking and baking, and makes positively scrumptious apple custard tarts. Selene loves the night and usually stays up late to enjoy the stars and moon. This often makes her tired the next day, and she tends to oversleep and be habitually late in the mornings. Selene is pale white in color with a sheen of faint blue. Her mane and tail are billowing icy blue and her eyes match. Her Cutie Mark is a white crescent moon and starfield within a blue heart.

Nova: [info pending]
EDIT: I've decided that the G1 ponies I'm going to use are Medley, Powder, Minty and Surprise. ♥

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