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In amongst the papers where I found the pages of So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! I also found a few other writing/rp-related things that I want to keep. So posting them here so that I can find them easily in the future. ^_^ I'm keeping the hard copies, too, of course, but I always feel better if I have important things archived in more than one place. :P

So here we have the profile for Trea Delaney and her Companion, Laksha. I wrote this out for the Companion's Choice RP (I think it was that one, anyway) but then never really got around to rping with them much before CC shut down. I like the characters, though, so I want to work with them again at some point, probably in fic form rather than rp. (Mostly because there are no Valdemar rps out there right now, despite my attempts to put one together a while back.)

Name: Trea Delaney

Gender and Orientation: Female/Bisexual

Species: Human

Age: 16

Rank: Heraldic-Trainee

Physical Appearance: Average build and height, shoulder-length black hair (usually worn in a ponytail or braid) and brown eyes. A little birthmark on her neck just under her left ear, and a burn scar that runs from her shoulder to halfway past her elbow on the same side.

Personality: Generally pleasant, but can be mean when irritated. Gets along with most people, but the overly-energetic kind get on her nerves sometimes, Isn't a morning person. At all. She also doesn't like fire much.

Brief History: Grew up in a border settlement in the general area of Havenbeck (but closer to the Iftel border) and her family ran an inn there. She was an average child, a few friends, a few people that picked on her, went to school at the local temple and helped out at the inn after classes. Her Gifts, Foresight and a touch of Firestarting, manifested when  she was around the age of fourteen, and resulted in the inn burning to the ground, which is where she got her scars. Her mother was killed in the same blaze, and while she and her father were still reeling from that, Laksha wandered in and spirited her off to Haven, where she became a Trainee and received counseling regarding her mother's death. Her father stayed in their village for a while, trying to rebuild his life, but eventually gave up. She hasn't heard from him in nearly a year.

Mother: Ummi Delaney/29/barmaid/civillian. She was kind and gentle but didn't appreciate shirkers. She loved Trea immensely but was often too busy at the inn to show it properly. Died when Trea was fourteen, in the fire that took the family business.

Father: Abbott Delaney/31/manager and bartender/civillian. He had a rough outward appearance but was actually a big marshmallow on the inside. He adored his only daughter but didn't like her having to take schooling-- he thought she was old enough to work at the inn full-time. Survived the fire at their inn, but disappeared shortly after Laksha took Trea away.

Siblings: N/A

Other Significant Relatives: N/A

Romantic Interests: None right now. She's a bit of a flirt and (depending on her mood) will hit on basically anyone, boys and girls alike.

Friends: Gets along with everyone, but doesn't have any specific best-friends at the Collegium yet. She of course considers Laksha to be her BFF so far.

Pets: At the inn she had a tabby cat named Teigra ("Tei" for short) but she hasn't seen him since the fire. She assumes he either died in it, or ran off into the wilderness, but she hopes he actually found another family to live with, despite that being a very slim possibility.

NPC's: N/A

Gifts And Strength Of Gifts: Trea has relatively prominent Foresight and just a touch of Firestarting. It's barely even enough to light tinder with. (As a side note, when she found out she had the teeny bit of Firestarting that she does have, she had to be convinced numerous times after that that the fire at her inn wasn't her fault.

Reasons Why You Deserve To Be A Herald: She actually doesn't think she should be. While she adores Laksha and the idea of eventually being a Herald, she's stuck on the legends/tales/ballads she's heard for all of her life and doesn't consider herself "great" enough to be a Herald. She's very strong-willed, though, and despite the fact she's iffy on herself in Whites she's determined to make it through all of the training, no matter how hard it may be. Maybe that's part of why Laksha Chose her.

Can Your Character Be Spared From Their Family To Become A Herald?: After the fire, she really has no reason to go back, especially after her father stopped writing to her. Had the inn not burnt down, she probably wouldn't have been able to go to Haven, but as it is she had nowhere else to go.

Companion's Name: Laksha

Companion's Gender: Male

Companion's Age: Adult/12

Companion's Personality: He's a bit of a worrywart, and is constantly trying to convince Trea to go out and make new friends around the Collegia. Her seeming dependance on him is a cause for concern, despite the fact that quite a few of the other Companions have told him it will wear off after the "Bright Lady, I've been Chosen!" phase is over. Laksha is relatively serious, but does have the occasional giddy moments, and seems to have a slightly warped sense of humor-- what he finds funny, no one else seems to.

Companion's Sire/Dam: Atticus/Cybele

Companion's Siblings: Two half-sisters, Freira and Aneko, from Atticus with different mothers; also one full-brother, Brodya, with Atticus and Cybele again.

Companion's Children: One daughter, Kissa, who is currently only a few moons old. Her mother is the unBonded Companion mare Sujata, whom is Laksha's favorite "fratternizing partner"-- as he puts it.

Trea pushed some stray hair out of her face and stared up at the Collegium Gates with wide brown eyes. In the sixteen years she had been alive, she had never guessed that she would end up in Haven.

:Life is full of surprises, isn't it?:

She pulled her attention away from the Collegia ahead of them and glanced down at Laksha, whose ears flicked back. The stallion seemed amused by the fact that she was in awe of the city, and it irked her a little. But she wasn't about to complain.

:Shall we head in now?: Laksha asked, :or would you like to keep gawking?:

"I'd like you to stop poking fun at me." Trea replied with a sigh, then, as Laksha started up the hill toward the Collegia themselves; "am... am I really going to be a Herald?"

:I'm not just for show, silly.:

"Laksha! You know what I mean!"

He chuckled for a moment before whickering softly. :Of course you will be, dearest. Why would you even ask that?:

"Well..." she hesitated, "I guess I just don't fit the image of a Herald, you know?"

:And what, pray tell, is the image of a Herald? Hm?:

A shrug, and the village girl toyed with the reins as her eyes played across various buildings and people they passed on their way to the stables. "I guess... Heralds are supposed to be heroes, right? I'm just a kid who grew up in the middle of nowhere. I don't compare to Vanyel Demonsbane or Lavan Firestorm at all!"

Her voice had risen to a half-shout, and Laksha winced. :Trea, do you know where Vanyel and Lavan came from before they were Heralds?:

"Um... no?"

:For your information,: the stallion informed her, :Vanyel was an outcast from a horse-raising family, and Lavan was the son of merchants.:

A blink. "Really?"

:Of course. Chosen, Heralds are people just like you.: He seemed to be chuckling at her again and she pouted for a moment, though she couldn't seem to stay angry. :And that,: he added finally, :is something you'll learn very quickly, I think...:


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