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Way back like ten or twelve years ago I was part of a half dozen different Valdemar rps. The most prolific ones were Stealing Hearts and Valdemar Calling, and of those two my favorite rp thread was from VC and called "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!" I played in it with Firefox, etcetera-cat, Sethi, Shalimari and Lila, and it was awesome. And last night I came across a few pages I had printed out of my favorite part of that particular thread, and decided I'm going to post it here, just for shits and giggles. ♥

So, without further adieu~

Lila came pounding out of the inn after Callie and Kierseth. She leapt onto Shali's back without a word, and they pounded down the road to find everyone mounting up. It seemed as if everything was over...

:It seems as if we missed everything...: Lila said in Broadsend, and was rewarded by many nods and weary replies.

"Um..." Lila hesitated. "Is there anything I can do? I don't think Shali's strong enough to carry double, either..."

Callie was shifting nervously, reluctant to give up Saet, but not wanting to cause any problems for the Heralds.

Saet was rudely woken up by her nervous thoughts.

She took a moment to gather what was happening, then sighed in irritation.

"No one needs to carry double riders," she said, popping her eyes open and glaring at no one in particular, "Callie and I aren't going to fall to pieces if put on different mounts. If it comes down to it, I'll walk home. Sure can't get any sleep around here with all your bickering."

She pulled herself up, silently grateful for the subtle help Callie was giving her. She stood without trembling, a feat she was exceedingly proud of, and looked around for her sword.

Her eyes instead fell upon the last thief.

Blue eyes burning deeply with rage, Saet had to lean a little more on Callie's arm to stop herself from going after the man with tooth and nail.

Bastard almost killed me and 'Dion, she thought angrily, and he was planning something awful for my Compan...

That sapped the rest of her strength. Dammit! Since when have I been thinking of him like that? He's everything but mine!

She directed a weak glare at aforementioned stallion, before sliding back to her sitting position.

"Alright... well... we still don't need to double up on anything," she said sourly to the Heralds.

:Yes, but you can't walk.: Aviny dug in her metaphorical heels and fixed Saet with a Look, partly due to the obvious concern that Callista was unconsciously projecting down their Bond, and conveniently forgot to Shield her sendings.

:If Callista can walk then I can take you-- Callista?: The Companion mare cast a look over at her Chosen.

:You're all worrying too much!: Dion informed them with annoyance, :I'm fine! Fine enough to carry people, anyway... Kierseth did a good job and-- would you all listen to me, please?!:

The Grove Born glared toward no one in particular, and then sighed halfheartedly and couldn't help but finish with a grumpy private thought; if I was in Haven, they'd be listening to me.

Saet looked up into Callie's worried gaze.

"Nah, but thnks Aviny," she sighed, rubbing her head, "Callie, you get on your Companion... I rode Gwy... the other Companion a little bit before we... yeah, so if he doesn't have any problems with it now...?:

She transferred her gaze to the stallion, who seemed surprised that he was included in the conversation once more. The Healer-Herald frowned, about to make an objection, but the stallion stepped forward.

:I can carry a rider in worse conditions... in fact, I have.: He said, tossing his mane elegantly. Saet nodded, though she didn't know exactly why, and stood up again.

Aviny shot a grumpy look over at Gwydion.

:I'll listen to you when you tell me I can stamp on that bandit.: She informed the Grove Born in an irate fashion.

The events of the past half-day had most definitely caught up with the mare, and she was resisting the urge to kick things repeatedly.

:Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...: Bravado aside, the Almighty Grove Born Companion couldn't stop himself from muttering under his breath-- his leg hurt a lot more now that it was supporting more than just his own weight. :Are we there yet?:

Hanna fixed him with a sharp look. :Dion, stop that.:

Apparently, the hadn't Shielded from her Chosen, as Adriel blinked and looked confused for a moment before turning his attention back to the Bandit-- whom was sprawled on his stomach across Hanna's saddle in front of the Herald. Hanna herself was not pleased with the development, but had been elected to carry the man because-- of all the Companions present-- she was the one least likely to stomp him into the earth.

Everyone was relatively quiet as they trooped back to the farm-- and Dion's "ow" refrain was the only thing that interrupted it, which was most likely why Hanna had snapped at him. She's just grumpy... and I don't blame her.

On his back, Saet wasn't saying anything either, and Dion felt the need to break the uncomfortable silence. :You're being awfully quiet back there... you're going to make it to the farm, right?: He asked with a snort, :because I'd hate for you to die on my back and leave me forever tainted.:

Saet glared at the Companion's ears, purposefully choosing the least comfortable (for the Companion, of course) way of speech for her answer.

:Don't worry,: she replied, a little acidly. Saet wasn't any more comfortable than he was, and when she was injured, tired, and uncomfortable, she was grumpy. :I wouldn't want to stain this pretty white coat of yours any more than you do.:

She swung her narrowed gaze away from the stallion. Callie had always told her that when she was grumpy, she always said the most hurtful things. What Saet said to the Companion could have been taken as a compliment... if it didn't have a ring of pure sarcasm and bitterness.

"The house isn't that far... just over these last two hills," she said aloud with a neutral tone. Callie sent her a worried glance, but Saet avoided her eyes.

:I hate you,: she whispered suddenly to the Companion under her, who nearly stumbled in surprise. Stinging rage welled up inside her, screaming to be released in some form, :you're going to take her away from me... you're going to just trot away with her... do you know what it's going to do to m-- her? She's never spent so much as a day without me by her side...:

She gritted her teeth, the flood of silent words over proving to anger her further. If she wasn't careful, she'd take up her sword against these suddenly-loathed Heralds...

She... hated...

Pain welled up inside him at her words, and then it was quickly replaced by anger. :I'm not doing anything!: He snapped in reply, :it was Aviny who Chose her, so don't even try to blame me! A Choice is a Choice is a Choice, girl!:

His stride broke for a moment as he became engrossed in his own angry response, and Hanna trailed back a bit to wait for him. On her back, Adriel seemed a million miles away and was probably conversing with her-- so he didn't notice a weak movement in the Bandit's arms...

And then he kicked. Hard. So hard, in fact, that Hanna half-tripped and Adriel began to fall from the saddle, even as the man was pulling himself upright-- and reaching to the Herald's side for one of the daggers that were belted there.

"Damn it all!" Adriel scrambled to keep his seat, but it was a losing battle-- within seconds of his first movement the Bandit had snatched one of the blades and buried it to the hilt in Adriel's side. A quick shove and the Herald fell to the road with a muffled curse, left to remove said dagger on his own.

:Adriel!: Hanna skittered back, bumping into the horse that was tied to her saddle and making the creature snort and shy to the side-- and directly into Dion's bad shoulder and leg.

:Damnable beast!: The Grove Born snarled. The Bandit was still clutching Hanna's saddle, but now he spun around and-- latched a hand into Dion's mane and wrenched. Ow!

It seemed to take an hour-- but the whole thing had happened in less than a minute. So fast that no one could react before Adriel was already injured and Dion was side-stepping into the trees, with the Bandit holding hard to him.

Voices were shouting-- Hanna and Adriel's among them-- and the Bandit's horse was quickly working itself into a panic. The Bandit himself had a crazed and wanting look in his eyes, and as Dion danced backward he reached a hand and clamped it onto Saet's arm.

Rage. White hot and pure, it bubbled up inside Gwydion and clambered to be unleashed upon the scum that had dared to lay a hand on--


Saet had found her arm clasped in a manic grip before she could figure out what had been going on. Shocked into silence, she stared up at half-mad Bandit-eyes.

And then a scream of equal madness filled her head. Her eyes grew dim as her head hummed with the echoes of the shout.

When she was finally able to take a breath, she began to piece together what had been shouted.

Let go... of... my Chose--

She momentarily forgot the Bandit latched onto her arm.

Her eyes were torn away from the flattened ears of the stallion by a hollow thump from beside her.

Turning her gaze, she found the Bandit's arm fall from hers, crazed eyes now looking at a distant point. A small throwing dagger was sticking out of his neck. He slowly slipped off his horse to the ground.

Harsh breathing from behind her had Saet switching her gaze again, this time to a Herald-- Adriel, she knew for some strange reason-- who was holding a bleeding side, glaring at the Bandit's fallen body.

Saet felt a shiver go through her, turning once more to find every pair of eyes-- sapphire and otherwise-- looking straight at the Companion and her.

"Oh," she remembered what had happened before slowly, "Gwydion..."

:I-- there was-- and then-- so I--: He couldn't put a sentence together coherently, and finally gave up trying and took a tentative step toward the girl... Saet...

--blue met blue--

--crystal and sapphire--

Dion shook himself, stepping back from the edge of the abyss just before he could fall-- and suddenly found himself feeling whole, for the first time since Chav had died. It was... well, it was what he had been unconsciously fighting ever since his first glimpse of Saet, wielding a sword and defending one of his herd--

His hooves shuffled, scraping against the road, and Dion leaned his head downward a bit. :Saet... I... see, there's...: still no coherency, so he settled for;, are you alright?:

"I hate to break up this touching scene," a voice interrupted before Saet could respond, and the Grove Born turned his gaze towards Adriel-- who was holding a deep, painful and bleeding wound on his side. He finished his sentence with, "but I really need to get back to the farm, here."

A yard in front of the Herald, the Bandit was sprawled on the ground, gurgling weakly as he attempted to breathe around Adriel's blade. Hands went to his throat and he clutched at it desperately, trying to pull it from his flesh and at the same time beginning to push himself to his feet--

--and then an angry white bulk shoved past Adriel with a snort and planted her front hooves firmly into the back of the Bandit-Mage's skull, reducing it to an unrecognizable ruin in a single blow.

:Touch my Chosen...: Hanna growled as Dion blinked at her in surprise-- she wasn't even close to violent-- and then stepped away to check on Adriel. :...and you don't get a fair trial with a judge like the rest of your men.:

Dion turned back toward Saet with a nervous swish of his tail. :Remind me not to get on her bad side...:

Ahhhhh, good times! :3


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